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April 2017 Astrology Forecast-Get Ready For A Big Month Ahead - Horoscope Yearly

April 2017 Astrology Forecast-Get Ready For A Big Month Ahead

Horoscope Yearly

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April 2017 Astrology ForecastApril 2017 Astrology Forecast

Get Ready For A Big Month Ahead

The month of April, continuing on in to May, features Mars making a square connection to Neptune; this energy should motivate you to be brutally honest with yourself. To be in the moment, fully. Honestly. To shed any and all expectations of yourself, held even by yourself of yourself. This energy should conjure a spirit from within yourself that knows only Now. Allow this. Keep reading to learn more about your April 2017 Astrology Forecast.


This time period within the year will again call to you in aggressive ways any responsibilities you have been lax in tending to. This will be due to Mars connecting with Saturn in opposition and any responsibilities you committed yourself to back when Mars connected to Saturn by conjunction, back in August of 2016, may also present themselves to you, resurface, or demand your attentions in an abrasive manner causing frustrations for you and potential inconveniences, too.


Something—or even someone—may need more from you, announcing to you by way of confrontation or conflict. Or, this transit, for you, could manifest by way of inner tensions being held so deeply or tightly within surfacing and exposing themselves physically. Either way, you may reap what you have sown, metaphorically speaking.


This period, too, will be a turning point in one way or another. There are so many things happening, forces transmitting and transmuting, and even the aftermath of Venus moving retrograde, will have you realizing what you have and being grateful for this rather than envious or wanting more or even wanting what you do not have or cannot have.

Be humble in your pursuits and loyal to those you love.


Also upcoming—Saturn stations retrograde on April 7th at 27° Sagittarius suggesting that inward reflection toward all responsibilities and obligations be taken into consideration, especially those asked of you through goals you have defined for yourself.

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Mercury stations retrograde again, this time at 4° Taurus, on April 10th while making no aspects to anything in making this adjustment; this is for reminding you to check, double-check, and triple-check the steps you have decided to take to meet your new year goals.


Most importantly, reflecting on, revising if necessary, or refocusing on anything you rely upon for a sense of security or hold value to should be applied.


The Full Moon in Libra on the 11th at 21° will create another cardinal cross, if you include asteroid Vesta. Otherwise, this event placement will at the very least form a t-square between the sun very closely placed beside Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and then Jupiter fairly close in Libra.


Vesta, or the void, would again be in Cancer, offering a balancing between such aggressive and restless energies by reaching out in nurturing ways, sharing love and holistic remedy.


What is interesting about Vesta here, is that she has been what is called “out of bounds” since January, and will continue to orbit out of bounds until May, and means essentially, that the planet or asteroid moving out of bounds acts out more dramatically in the unique ways the planet or asteroid represents.


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Wherever Vesta is in the chart is where one holds space, where mutual agreements are required, where you must always keep the fires burning. In accepting Vesta as a presence within the void is to accept that you continue to hold hope. With hope, you are always on top, even if you have miles to go.


The t-square, mentioned in the beginning, between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto ends, roughly mid-month. This is a good time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished this far and know that by simply being aware of your fears is sometimes enough to learn from why you fear what you do in the first place. Taking away this power allows you greater control, thereby offering you the means in which to grow and overcome.


If you’re continuing to lack a confidence in efforts toward your goals, ask yourself—what am I really scared of?

Venus stations direct on April 15th.


Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn on the 20th at 19° and will tempt you to again take stock and make time for reflection—how are you handling all of the changes and transformations occurring in your life?


The New Moon at 6° Taurus on the 26th will occur without any aspect connections. This event will inspire you to take better care of yourself, including any health demands, dietary measures, or simply demanding some down time if you’re running yourself too long.


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