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Astrology-A Blend Of Science And Art

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Astrology-A Blend Of Science And Art


Astrology-a blend of science and art. Astrology is a vast concept, no matter how much one learns he can never grab all its knowledge. That’s why it is a science. It is a group of systems which hold the relative positions of celestial bodies.


Astrology is the system that provides the detail related to personality, terrestrial matters and human affairs. Astrologer is the person who does practice of astrology.


Astrologers strongly believe that the positions of celestial bodies and their time to time movement either directly or indirectly influence life on the Earth. Some astrologers describe astrology as a symbolic language, or a form of divination.


There are various definitions for the astrology, but the common assumption for astrology is the celestial placements that support to know the past and present events. Like definitions, there are many traditions of astrology.


Some traditions share similar features because of the transmission of astrological doctrines between cultures. While others developed in isolation and hold different doctrines but still share some features because they all are drawing on similar astronomical sources. The main traditions used by modern astrologers are Hindu astrology (Vedic), western astrology and Chinese astrology.


Vedic astrology: Vedic astrology is the ancient horoscopic system that focuses on casting horoscopes. Vedic astrology is also known as Jyotish, Indian astrology, or Hindu astrology. Recently, this astrology has gained popularity in the western areas because of its accuracy in predicting events in daily lives.


Vedic astrology uses constellational zodiac which help us understand life purpose. It also give us specific timetables for making correct decisions about career, finances, relationship, health, spiritual growth, etc.


The base of Vedic astrology is sidereal zodiac which calculates the positions of the planets according to observable astronomy. In Vedic astrology the constellations has paramount importance.


Western Astrology: It is a representation of celestial entities. It uses tropical zodiac for the precession of the equinoxes. The base of western astrology depends upon a system, which is the path of the sun through the heavens. This kind of astrology uses the time of birth of a person to make horoscope.


Western astrology is geocentric which means it considers the Earth as the center around which the Sun revolves. It is said that it has been the result of the knowledge of the earlier Indian/Vedic schools. In modern times, western astrology has come into closer contact with each other, notably with Indian and Chinese astrology.


Chinese astrology: Chinese astrology is based on the traditional calendars and astronomy. It is a different tradition that has evolved. This astrology does not calculate the positions of the sun, the moon and the planets at the time of birth.


In contrast to Vedic and western astrology, Chinese astrology divide the celestial equator instead of dividing the sky. Each sign corresponds to one of twelve “double-hours” that govern the day, and to one of the twelve months. Each zodiac sign governs a different year, and combines with the five elements of Chinese cosmology to give a 60 year cycle.

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