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Astrology Forecasting Solar and Lunar Returns - Horoscope Yearly

Astrology Forecasting Solar and Lunar Returns

Horoscope Yearly

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Astrology Forecasting Solar and Lunar ReturnsAstrology Forecasting Solar and Lunar Returns


Forecasting solar and lunar returns are calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position, within 2 days of one’€™s birthday. The indication of the chart can be read much like a natal chart, except that it must be kept in mind that it is in effect only for the course of a year€ that is approximately from birthday to birthday.


This is quite essential in determining the accuracy of the birth time when you are working with return charts.


Below are some of the key features in interpreting Solar Returns:
To start with, Solar returns chart can be explore whenever you want to in a much detailed manner depending on your desire. There are some key points to consider in doing so.


The Ascendant of the Solar Return chart will give color to an individual’€™s approach to his or her environment for the year. With some examples of the horoscope sign, Aries, its Ascendant in the Solar Return Chart may approach the year with increased energy and enterprise, and probably with a bit of impatience. The ruler of the Ascending sign and its position by house, sign and aspect will hold more information as to the individual’€™s general temperament and focus for the year.


The planet and points in the natal chart, are effectively brought to an angle of the Solar Return chart. The horoscope Virgo, for example, has the Solar Return Ascendant in 22 degrees therefore the natal Venus will conjunct and will issue a surrounding Solar Return year.


Solar return planets are on or aspecting solar return angles, which are treated as transits to emphasized in the solar return year. Consider the position of the moon by house and sign, and this will show you where your heart is.  And which natal house is effectively brought to the Ascendant.


Some astrologers also analyze the 4 major asteroids and Chiron, some include arabic parts, and some use midpoint structures. Some astrologers pay close attention to rulerships, dispositors, etc. for additional information. Some astrologers also interpret declinations and some astrologers also view the planets heliocentrically as well as geocentrically.


There are many variations of the astrology chart such as the draconic chart or Tobey secondary chart that some astrologers use. Some astrologers add harmonic aspects which can add dozens or even many hundreds of new aspects. Some astrologers also use Vedic astrological techniques such as lunar mansions. There are many dozens of other techniques I have not mentioned in this list.


It is little wonder that many students of astrology become completely overwhelmed by a sea of information. Many professionals stick with a few basic techniques that they have found to work consistently. A great number of astrologers do not use the myriad new ideas of harmonics, midpoints, asteroids, etc.


Some astrologers do use a huge number of factors in their chart interpretation, and they have found interesting ways of synthesizing and prioritizing the information. Regardless of what astrological techniques the astrologer uses, there must be some method to synthesize the information into a coherent interpretation.


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