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Astrology Map Of The Stars - Horoscope Yearly

Astrology Map Of The Stars

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Astrology Map Of The StarsAstrology Map Of The Stars


The search for sacrifices to heaven in determining the course of life on Earth originated from ancient Mesopotamia and probably dates from the third millennium BCE The ancient astrologers were careful observers of the sky. From the efforts paid to map the movements of celestial bodies, to record the positions of stars, to devise calendars and predict eclipses was born the science of astronomy.


But astrology is not merely to observe the physical effects of the sun and moon in our environment. It argues that the current position and arrangement of the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations, not only affects events of great importance to land, but also controls the life of every individual. In what ways?


Some practicing astrology use it as a way to look at celestial bodies indications or warnings about the future, which the experts can use and exploit in various ways. Others believe that astrology actually shows what is prescribed to do or can help us determine when is the auspicious time to engage in certain activities or to launch specific projects.


Such information is said to be collected by observing the relevant provision of basic celestial bodies and ‘counting’ the interaction between them, as well as between them and the earth. The influence of the heavenly bodies to a particular person is said to depend on the arrangement at the time of birth.


The ancient astrologers imagined that the earth was the center of the universe and that planets and stars were closed in succession, gradually higher, celestial spheres which revolved around the earth. They believed that the Sun ran the sky between the stars and constellations along this path in its annual journey. Called the apparent path of the sun “ecliptic” and dividing into 12 areas or departments.


Each part is named after the constellation which contained and from which the sun passed. Thus came into existence the 12 signs. These areas, or “houses of heaven, these homes were considered deities. Of course, scientists subsequently learned that the sun does not move around the earth but the earth around the sun. This discovery marked the end of astrology as a science.


From the cradle, Mesopotamia, astrology spread to almost all parts of the world and incorporated in various forms in virtually all the great civilizations of mankind. After the conquest of Babylon by the Persians, astrology spread to Egypt, Greece and India. From India, Buddhist missionaries to spread in Central Asia, China, Tibet, Japan and Southeast Asia.


Although it is not known exactly how broadcast in Mayan culture is widely used astrological observations in a manner similar to the Babylonians. The “modern” form of astrology developed apparently in Hellenized Egypt and affecting the thinking of some elements of Judaism, Islam and Christendom.



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