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Astrology Signs And Dates in the Backdrop of 13th Zodiac SignAstrology Signs And Dates in the Backdrop of 13th Zodiac Sign


The zodiac has been divided into twelve equal parts with each part being assigned a name. Well, recently there has been interesting induction of the 13th astrological sign called Ophiuchus. Some astrologers claim that the earth’s axis has been slowly tilting and this slow movement, called “Earth Wobble”, for around 3000 years has created the space for the inclusion of another zodiac sign.


There is an ongoing fierce debate between the believers and detractors of this phenomenon. However, its effects on astrology are yet to be ascertained. However, Vedic astrology remains insulated from this effect, as it has been mostly contextual in the Babylonian Astrology that started around 3000 years ago.


If it is to be believed then the zodiac signs of many people might change (depending on their exact date of birth). Let us see the associated change in the respective astrological signs as mentioned by some astrologers. People born between January 20 and February 16 will now belong to the Capricorn sign. Similarly, aquarians will be those who are born between February 16 and March 11. Those having their birth dates between March 11 and April 18 will belong to Pisces sign and Arians now comprise of people born after April 18 and before May 13.


People born between May 13 and June 21 will belong to the Taurus zodiac sign and those born between June 21 and July 20 will come under the Gemini sign. People born between July 20 and August 10 will have Cancer sign and those born between August 10 and September 16 will belong to the Leo sign.


Virgo sign will be for those who are born between September 16 and October 30. Similarly, Libra is for October 30-November 23, Scorpio is for November 23 –November 29, Ophiuchus is for November 29-December 17, and Sagittarius is for the people who have been born between December 17 and January 20. However, these would be applicable for the people who are born after 2009 and for those who were born earlier nothing changes with respect to their zodiac signs. It is still a debatable matter and it will take some time to ascertain its legitimacy.


However, Vedic astrology considers that there will not be any effect on the lives of natives as there are many other planets as well but only nine planets are important and it is their respective positioning that influences the life of any native.


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