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As practical to improve their lives through astrology is one of the key issues faced by any person having an interest in the profession. Often, beginning to learn astrology, reading the early works of authors and analyzing your birthday card, we can take over a certain feeling of hopelessness and doom. “Really we do not have the opportunity to change their destiny, and we have jānodzīvo as stars filled?” is a typical question, which asks himself an astrologer, a beginner.


The sky is like an open book, as recorded in the past, present and future characters. Greece gave the intellectual structure of astrology, Rome – political significance. And, it has remained a legacy for all time. Sumerian has 5,000 years ago turned to astrological matters.


Babylonian most interested in the sun, moon and planets – Venus. This planet be counted as a mighty – embodied Divinity: Samos, Sin, Ištar.Platons ruled that the space parts are so tightly interconnected, and that the universe we adopt as a single taste of life – such as the World Soul. Makrobiuss held to the Platonic view that the soul enters the human body from the celestial sphere, where it acquired the quality of the planetary region – the mind of Saturn, Jupiter from justice, the power of Mars, Venus and the wishes of the speech made by the Mercury.


Boecijs seen in the regular motions of stars in order to prove that the universe run by the Divine Principle.
In ancient times believed that the chance is not. Everything taking place in exact accordance with the karmic and sensed that the planets and stars to human condition at birth determined his fate for a lifetime.
Historians and astrologers for many years studied the religion and mythology of a link with the astrological signs. Are these characters are real people, or to overlook the Godhead


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