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Brighten Up Your Future With Feng Shui Chinese Astrology - Horoscope Yearly

Brighten Up Your Future With Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

Horoscope Yearly

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Brighten Up Your Future With Feng Shui Chinese Astrology 


What will you do if you get to know about your future? You will definitely be happy for good moments and tensed for the adverse conditions. But then if you know about them you can at least adopt some measure for its cure. Chinese Feng shui give you such measure to make your life go smooth and easy. Chinese zodiac also helps in giving some guidelines to brighten up your future.


Chinese zodiac and Chinese Feng shui have close association with each other. Both this Chinese concept works on the basis of interaction between five basic elements of energy named as fire, water, earth, wood and metal. It is believed that these five elements have the entire universe’s energy and a balance among these is the best condition for a person. These five elements are guiding Chinese culture since ages.


Feng shui believes that a perfect balance in inner and outer body environment is the best condition for living a happy and harmonious life. It believes in yin and yang theory and positions of substances surrounding you. According to this science, every object has some particular energy which is emitted if it is placed with proper orientation and perfect angle with surroundings. This energy called chi has effect on every act of yours. On the other hand Chinese zodiac believes in orientation of planets and other heavenly bodies, interaction between five elements, yin and yang, 12 animal signs and wu xing teachings.


These 12 animals in Feng shui are in particular order with rat being first and boar being last. There is a story behind this that is once Buddha called all animals for celebrating New Year’s Eve. But only 12 animals were successful reaching there. Although ox was very fast and supposed to reach first but then rat sat on his back and jump over to the destination, and ox became second. On this day only Buddha decided to give 12 zodiac names on the name of these animals.


Feng shui Chinese astrology requires birth location and time for giving any reports. Birth year will be in accordance with the 8 numbers representing 8 different compass directions. These numbers are called as patzu. Once having this information, a Feng shui expert analyzes bagua, an octagon shaped chart. The bottom of chart is in correspondence with the front door and accordingly he decides the location of house. With this he determines which objects to be kept where, positioning of water elements, plants and flowers. This also gives an idea about incorporating any objects like images, fountains, green plants or any other Feng shui products if required.


This Feng shui Chinese astrology determines the birth animal of the person with his birth date and according to the characteristics, behavior and attitude of that animal determines the person’s nature. With this color of the person’s home, type of furniture required and other elements can be decided. With such changes positive energy flows as such to accumulate maximum in your house and gives you vigor and power.


This Feng shui Chinese astrology is somewhat difficult to understand and comprehend for a normal individual as it requires extensive study of signs and Feng shui. It’s better for you consult a Feng shui expert for your predictions. These people very well understand about the interacting principles and guide you properly. After sometime you yourself can see the results and feel the positive energy within you. You can brighten up your future with this art and live a happy and harmonious life.

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About the Author
Kapil is an Author for Backonyourfeet, A natural Heath Clinic where our highly skilled experts may guide you about Fundamentals of feng shui chinese astrology to Improve Your Life. For more information, visit http://www.backonyourfeet.com.au

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