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Capricorn In Venus - Horoscope Yearly

Capricorn In Venus

Horoscope Yearly

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Capricorn In VenusCapricorn In Venus

Keeps People Down to Earth


As I write this it is Thursday, February 3, 2011. The Moon is in Aquarius. Mercury enters Aquarius. Venus moves into Capricorn. A reputable horoscope writer takes this information into consideration, even in a 50-word daily post. So how is it relevant to ‘one size fits all?’


Again, today person to person interaction should be friendly and warm because an Aquarius Moon accents caring about others. During the day, business is pleasant and ideas are futuristic rather than focused on the past.


The Mercury/Venus sign changes occur later this evening, so are prone to happy hour or after-work socializing. Mercury stimulates one’s desires to be with friends and/or to look for a kindred spirit to be with in a relationship. Capricorn Venus keeps people down to earth, plus discussions might also move in the direction of what one does for a living than about personal stuff. Deep emotional commitments aren’t top priorities.


In general we resonate because we all have Capricorn and Aquarius, and all of the other signs somewhere in the twelve houses of our horoscope. Houses represent sides of us involved in various life circumstances.


Aquarius Mercury is a money house that might fuel thoughts of adventurous risk-taking. The Moon and Mercury in the ninth could prompt thoughts of travel or travel changes, or reaching out over the long distances and getting in touch with an old friend. Aquarius in the tenth amplifies career desires, you stay on the job later and earn a few points for doing so (Capricorn Venus). The Moon is about changes, so there may have been several over the last few days with the Moon in Aquarius. In any case, going along with the above, wherever the planets, it stimulates caring and futuristic communication and thoughts. It’s a friendlier world, hopefully. You might read your daily horoscope and go out into the world with that kind of positive attitude, and find the prediction is true. And why would that be? Well, it’s a lot about your creating your destiny isn’t it?


Here is where we get into it. The prediction reminds me of the ad I saw years ago for a ‘horoscope writer’ who needn’t have any astrological experience or knowledge, the employer only wanted entertaining stuff. No, that will not apply to everyone. No, tomorrow from this same type of source, you won’t win the lottery. What you need to do is to get thee to an outlet with a reputable astrologer writing the horoscopes. He or she will be a professional and be dedicated to giving you useful information. You might then schedule a productive meeting or go out with the idea that meeting a new acquaintance who could turn out to be something more in your life is the thing to do rather than looking for a passionate love at first sight experience and being disappointed when it doesn’t happen.


Who else is thinking about getting a REAL love horoscope? Are you sick and tired of being alone….and watching everyone around you find happiness, romance and love? Or, are you just curious about WHY you haven’t yet met the “one”….and finally, in 2011 are REALLY ready to do something about it? Imagine if you could find your track down your authentic “other half” WITHOUT having to kiss a millions frogs, go on hundreds of blind dates and waste the next few years of your life in the process?


Imagine if you could TRULY meet someone that you honestly felt you’ve known for a lifetime……even after the very first date? The truth is, not only is this possible…..I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times in the lives of my readers, family and friends, and MOST importantly, I’ve had it happen in my own life as well.


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