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Career Astrology - Horoscope Yearly

Career Astrology

Horoscope Yearly

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Astrology & Career - What can astrology tell us about our career choices?Career Astrology

What can astrology tell us about our career choices?


Whether we are searching for the best career to go into, considering changing careers, or making a decision on which path to take within a current career, astrology can help us understand our motivation, make informed decisions and take informed actions.


Careers through the signs.

The Aries personality is assertive and energetic, which fits in well with career fields that require a sense of self-confidence and willpower. Competitive by nature, the Aries personality needs to be challenged, and to be recognized. Active careers would do well here … fire fighter, police officer, or anything to do with sports or the outdoors. Your success comes from your ability to define your goals, and then working with focus and intent to achieve them.


The Taurus personality is attracted to careers dealing with finances in all of its various forms. Attractive careers for you include real estate, or financial broker or advisor. If you lean towards your more aesthetic side, you may be attracted to the fields of interior design, jewelry or antiques … you definitely have fine taste! Any field in which you act as a consultant would be a good field for you, with your sense of where to put finances to create the best environment possible. Long term positions, where you can apply your logical, clear thinking are idea (you do tend not to like change!). Your success comes, in part, because you have patience, and you are fairly objective in making decisions and taking actions. You know the balance between work and play, and do not easily lose focus.


The Gemini personality is one that deals well with intellectual focus, and is drawn to careers dealing with gathering, processing and sharing information. You are the communicator of the Zodiac! You have an interest in almost everything and everyone, and generally know all about what is going on around you. Teaching, journalism or writing would make excellent professions for you. Wherever you work you need intellectual freedom. A conventional or rigid work environment will see you resigning post haste! Your success comes in large part because of your ability to know what is going on around you, and your ability to think and act quickly. Also … you have everyone’s best interest at heart.

Compassionate, home-loving Cancer will do well in the “helping” professions. Your great heart and ability to communicate will serve you well here. Counseling of any kind, social work, nursing, teaching, anything in the healing arts … these are all fields that the Cancer personality will do well in. In the business world, public relations is an option. Your success comes from making best use of your intuitive nature, and your imagination. You have the ability to create a working environment that people feel safe in.


Your sense of self-confidence and your creative nature will serve you well in the career world. Of utmost importance here is that you are surrounded y people that acknowledge you for the work that you do, as you crave attention! You are someone that needs to be in front of the lights, where you can be both seen and heard. The entertainment industry would make for an ideal work environment. If you choose to go into the business world, you need to aim for corporate positions, where you can have some influence, see and be seen. Professions that are project oriented, so that you are moving from one thing to another, will also serve you well. Your success comes from your ability to make a memorable first impression on people, your charisma once you have their attention, and your sense of loyalty.


One of your strongest attributes is the systematic manner in which you approach your work. You are detail oriented, and love to analyze things to death! You would do well in any scientific field, or in any field that required the ability to do research. Mathematics is also a field that you would be successful in. Any field that requires strict attention to detail … such as engineering, or event he field of medicine, will be satisfying for you. Your success comes from your logical approach to any problem, your patience and dedication, and your ability to stick with a project through to the end.


Ever the diplomat, and someone who has a need for a balanced, harmonious environment, the Libra personality will do well in any field where they are dealing with people. The legal profession is certainly a field that fulfills your strong sense of justice, public relations brings out the diplomat in you, and any career that deals with partnerships will catch your attention. Your success comes from your ability to be objective, and from your peopling skills.


The Scorpio personality is quite a strong one, with a “need to know” about anything and everything. You love complex issues, and you love making sense of things. Spirituality and medicine are fields that might interest you, as well as the fields of chemistry, any type of detective work, or even the field of politics (as a political activist).Your success comes from your intense willpower, and your physical endurance. You also tend to be pretty resourceful!


The Sagittarius personality is one of a visionary that seeks truth. They are open minded, and very interested in the well being of those around them, and in the mental realm of ideas. An overriding factor here is their need for personal freedom. Working in other countries, work that requires travel, or work related to a specific “cause” would attract the Sagittarius personality. Your success comes from your tremendous energy, from the positive outlook you have on life, and from your interest in people.


The Capricorn personality is one that continues on their path despite all obstacles. They are loyal, and they will put in the work that needs to be done to succeed. They are literally the worker bees of the Zodiac. A Capricorn personality is also one that believes in themselves, and their ability to get things done.



In whatever field they choose to work in, they need to be at the top … they need to be the person making sure that the show is run correctly. A position where they can work independently, as well as a position that is seen as long term, is what a Capricorn personality needs. Conservative occupations that offer a great deal of security is what the Capricorn personality will do well in.Your success comes from your loyalty, from your attention to detail, from your endless patience and sense of commitment.


The Aquarian personality is one that likes taking new and unique approaches to life. Working outside of the rules never bothers you … you make up your own as you go along. Any field that allows you control over what you do, and allows you to apply your own unique thought and methodology to it, will work for you. In the business world, a 9-5 job more than likely will not work for you, where a freelance job would do quite nicely. There is also a strong possibility that you will work in more than one career in your lifetime.Your success comes from your unique take on life. You are resourceful and filled with idealism, which means that you could very well play a role in developing technology for the future.


The Pisces personality is one that is compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic with other people. Service or the healing professions are ideal choices for the Pisces personality. Your sense of creativity could find a place in almost any profession. You are a person that is very introverted, that reflects on things a great deal, and are a natural visionary. Your success comes from your ability to empathize with others, and your creative nature. There is a strong chance that the Pisces personality will achieve great fame in their lifetime.


The careers that work best for us are the ones that make use of our strengths, minimize our weaknesses, and bring us joy. Astrology has the ability to take our personal characteristics and help us define the career world that will serve us well, while we contribute in a significant manner to that world.

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