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Career Astrology

Everyone wants to progress in his life and have a lot of wealth and fame. They desire for all kinds of physical comforts which are attainable only through work. Some people do job, whereas some opt to go in business. Some people get satisfied through their profession, while few of them even on trying many a times are left unsatisfied.


Vedic Career Astrology says that a man gets what he is destined to. The ancient sages of India made a discovery many thousands of years ago of Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish which can tell a person what he may achieve in life.


Guidance of Career Astrology

To know the incidents occurring in life of a person, first of all a Kundali or horoscope (Janampatri) is created. Horoscope is called the X-ray of a person’s life. Like a X-ray detects the internal problems of a body, similarly astrology can see all events of a person’s life through his Kundali. It can tell about the health of a person, also, about his life partner and his financial conditions. That’s why your career horoscope can be an important way to make your career better.


Vedic Career Horoscope

Nowadays, the practice of consulting an astrologer to choose the suitable career field is very popular. People try to find the best profession for them as per their qualification, knowledge and interest. Career counsellors advise people according to their experience. But, it is not compulsory that their advice shall be beneficial for everyone.


After consulting career advisor, it is better to cross check with an astrology, to verify whether the profession suggested by the consultant is good for you or not.


Career Horoscope on Astrobix has created career horoscope service which uses Vedic astrology to analyze your birth-chart and tell you how your career will be. The analysis based on the rich tradition of Vedic astrology covers your career prospects, aptitude, challenges, and opportunities.


More about Career Astrology

Career horoscope is easy and simple to use. You don’t need to approach any astrologer for this. You can see the career horoscope through the internet on many websites. But it is best that you use a Vedic astrology site like astrobix because it works on the more tried and practiced system of vedic career astrology.


Here, you need to enter your name, birth time, birth place and your Kundali is ready and displayed before you. Also, it gives an elaborated report on the career of your whole life as well as the detailed description of ups and downs. It also gives advice on how to reduce the problems of career.



Career Horoscope Features

Career horoscope tells the position of career for the whole life. After this, it analyzes the planets Antardasha in Mahadasha. Evaluation of Pratyantar Dasha, Lord of 10th house, position of 10th house etc. can be done.


All these Vedic astrology factors are considered and their strengths are judged to tell you which direction your career will take. That’s why if you are interested in career astrology then you can find lots of interesting analysis here.


According to famous astrologer Varahamihira, from the strongest planet of the Lagna, Sun or Moon, the Lord of 10th house from that planet, located in the D9(Navmansh Chart). People of that sign earn income by Dasha and transit of this particular sign. 


Also, Varahamihira said that if an auspicious planet is placed in the Lagna house, 2nd house and 11th house then the person have chances of getting income from many areas. In simple words it can be said that, apart from planets having relation with 10th house and Dashmesh (10th Lord). 


Saturn governs our ambition, motivation, career, authority and influences our own sense of duty, responsibility and discipline. Saturn is also thought to represent a person’s organizational abilities and their endurance during hardships, both physically and emotionally. The Return of Saturn marks extreme significance in each person’s life.


10th,and 6th house play an important  part in careers apart from the 6th house and the 10th house, the 3rd house also plays an important role in determining the growth in career. 3rd house happens to be the 6th house from the 10th house / 10th house from the 6th house indicating its importance. It is the house which determines the abilities of the individual to handle a job, service thereby shaping up the career of the native. A strong 3rd house gives a good and high achieving career for which the services are recognized significantly. Similarly a weak 3rd house will not give the native advances in his career and his life will be full of struggles.


The third house in Astrology deals with all art related matters. Painting, singing, writing, films, dance, drama are some of the matters which are governed by the third house. In the charts of famous actors and singers we very often see a strong third house or many planets placed in the third house. We even see a strong third house in the charts of archeologists, journalists, and people associated with the media industry. Venus is not the karaka of the third house but Venus represents art and all the third house matters indicated above.


When Venus gets connected with the third house either by ownership, occupation or aspect, it gives a boost to the third house matters. Those who are looking for a career where glamor and public attention are involved need to have a strong Venus and a strong third house. Together with Venus other planets will produce different artists when placed in the third house.


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Author: Vedic Astrology gives you free career astrology charts and predictions based on multiple systems like Vedic Astrology. Our Career horoscope Analysis report will give you the interpretation of your horoscope with your career in mind.

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