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Chinese Zodiac Sign Tattoos - Horoscope Yearly

Chinese Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Horoscope Yearly

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Chinese zodiac sign tattoos - Some Things To ConsiderChinese Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Some Things To Consider

Are you interested in Chinese zodiac sign tattoos –perhaps even thinking of getting one for yourself? There are many exciting possibilities when it comes to Chinese zodiac sign tattoos. The fact is, if you are not Chinese and not fluent in the language, you really need to research and symbols or characters before getting them tattooed on your body.


There are many Chinese symbols, of course, that don’t require much research. You could, for example, choose an animal from the Chinese zodiac. Unlike the Western zodiac, which is based on the month you were born, the Chinese system in lunar and based on the year. A Chinese style tiger, dragon or snake, for example, can make for a very impressive tattoo.


You don’t necessarily have to pick the animal under whose sign you were born. If you find you aren’t all that excited about your own animal sign -some people, for example, might not want a rat tattooed on themselves (though, to be accurate, in Chinese astrology the rat is a perfectly noble sign!). You might do some more research and find out what animal rules the hour of your birth, which might be more to your liking. Or, you could just pick one that appeals to you. Many people love tigers and dragons, regardless of what year they were born!


There are other Chinese symbols, such as the yin-yang, which represents the interplay between light and darkness. You could also choose a hexagram from the I-Ching, the Chinese book of divination. You could find a good book or website about the I-Ching, find a hexagram (there are 64 to choose from) and pick a good one and make it into a tattoo.


Where you really have to do some serious research is when you start getting into traditional Chinese scripts or characters symbols. Even something as simple as getting your name translated into Chinese characters can be challenging for someone not well versed in this art. If you are fortunate enough to find a tattoo artist who is an expert with Chinese symbols, then you won’t have any difficulty.


There are many great tattoo artists, however, who don’t have this specialized knowledge. In this case, you could take a design you found on some website, bring it to your favorite tattoo artist, only to find out later on that it means something completely different from what you thought! When it comes to alphabets like Chinese, even one line out of place can make a big difference. The same, incidentally , is true for the I-Ching  symbols I mentioned above. It’s all based on the positions of lines, so you always have to be sure everything is in the right place!


These precautions should not make you afraid to get a Chinese tattoos. It’s just a matter of being sure you know what you’re getting into before you take the permanent step of getting inked. Tattoo removal can be a very expensive process, and often doesn’t work perfectly, so you’re far better off being sure of what you are getting ahead of time.


Chinese zodiac sign tattoos are well worth looking into if you are drawn to this tradition. You can choose among thousands of possibilities, and they can be done to fit any part of your body. Whether you want a big dragon to decorate your back or your sweetheart’s name on your wrist, once you unlock the mysterious of Chinese zodiac sign tattoos, a whole new world opens up.


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