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Chinese Zodiac - Horoscope Yearly

Chinese Zodiac

Horoscope Yearly

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Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology CalendarChinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology Calendar 

Chinese astrology can be dated back more than two thousand years to ancient Chinese astronomy. The predictions of Chinese astrology horoscope charts are dependent upon the Chinese calendar built by these ancient Chinese astronomers.


After some time, astrologists in China made an intricate organization of beliefs regarding how the celestial bodies effect people’s day to day lives. The Chinese zodiac and the zodiac animals result from Ancient Chinese astrology.


These animals are representative of the rotating twelve year cycle that is the core of the Chinese zodiac. It’s likely that you’ve heard of a specific year being the According to tales, these were the animals that appeared before Buddha (or the Jade Emperor, depending on which story you are referencing) when they responded to an invitation.


The 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac correspond to the animals’ arrival order. Stories and legends characterizing each animal’s pilgrimage differ slightly, but the predominant order is the following: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.


The understanding that most have of the Chinese zodiac doesn’t usually go far beyond what they read on the paper place mats that cover the tables of their favorite Chinese restaurants. But really, there is so much more to understand and know about this ancient doctrine that dates back more than two thousand years.


The Chinese zodiac is used as a guide to make a determination about the very best and most ideal matches between individuals in both romance and business.


Each of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals has specific animals with which they are thought to be most compatible. Chinese astrology compatibility is used to make a determination regarding people’s best romantic match.


It’s also essential to consider that there are other aspects of Chinese astrology beyond which animal represents you, that also are considered important in making a determination regarding those who are most compatible.


The Chinese zodiac calendar doesn’t only deal with the 12 animals of the zodiac, but also has additional relationships that are more complicated and complex.


Additionally with the 12 animals, the Chinese Zodiac also includes 5 elements: wood, water, fire, metal and Earth. These 5 elements are connected with the 5 core planets: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. 


Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology Calendar

The connections that are presented by the 5 elements and the animals actually combine to create the 60-year cycle of the signs of the Chinese zodiac. This rotation, and the sun and moon positioning, Yin and Yang, a person’s date and time of birth, and directions are all used to help understand a person’s future in more detail than simply using the zodiac animal as a guide.


While the Chinese zodiac signs are important and essential, the way the Chinese zodiac elements interact should be used in order to establish a complete understanding of a person.


To totally understand the Chinese Zodiac, it is imperative to also understand the relationships between all the elements, something that most people are not going to get from a general overview of the Chinese zodiac.


Thank you for stopping by our post on Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology Calendar. We hope that you enjoyed it. Please check back with us as we add new articles, blogs and videos daily!


Embrace the Moment - For 4000 years, people have relied upon the guidance of the Chinese oracle called the I Ching. Reflecting your energy, the I Ching acts like a mirror, delivering wise answers to complex questions with brilliant clarity.

Here are some other blogs that also cover Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology Calendar;


BLOG #1 -On this video, you’ll find out a list of the 12 Chinese horoscope signs as well as a brief description of each zodiac sign’s characteristics.

The Chinese zodiac is based on the Lunar Calendar (also called Chinese calendar or Zodiac Calendar). The Chinese Lunar calendar has 12 months of 29 or 30 days.Even though industrialization and modern scientific thinking has been shaping life in China for decades, Chinese people still put a lot of importance on the influence of the Zodiac and the 12 Chinese horoscope signs.

The Chinese always consult ancient almanacs and Chinese fortune tellers before important events such as births, weddings, funerals, moving into a new house, or opening a business. And people’s Chinese horoscope signs are always taken into consideration.

The Chinese zodiac (Chinese astrology) is subtle and complex – only experienced Chinese mediums master it perfectly. However, Chinese people from around the world follow its principles.Here they are, the 12 Chinese Horoscope Signs’s characteristics…Read more …


BLOG #2. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone… Blessings to one and all!
The Chinese horoscope and astrological Calendar repeats itself every 12 (twelve) years… I am born into this particular years sign..The Rooster or Cock…It’s a huge celebration with elaborate costumes, great food, ending in fire works! It’s just brilliant… Read more …


BLOG #3. Chinese New Year 2017
Read your free Chinese horoscope 2017 for all 12 Chinese zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar. #SpringFestival #ChineseNewYear #NewYear2017 #NewYear #horoscope #astrology #zodiac #rooster #RoosterYear …Read more …


BLOG #4 Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! ….. Read Below The Chinese Horoscopes For The 12 Animal Signs:

The Chinese New Year 2017 is the Year of the Red Fire Rooster. It starts from January 28th 2017 and extends up to February 15th 2018. This is the year when you will need to work hard and be patient in order to achieve your goals.

Another aspect of this is lunar New Year 2017 is whether it is a Yin year or a Yang year. This Year of the Rooster is ruled by the fire element and it is a Yin year. This is the time to be spent in solitude and harmony with friends and family.

The lunar New Year 2017 has its own lucky colours. If you use these auspicious colours in your daily life everything that you take interest in will turn out the way you want it to. In other words, it is like a good luck charm blessing you with abundance and prosperity.

As the element for the Chinese year 2017 is RED, do not use red in your clothes and accessories. Red coloured stones like ruby, garnet and pink topaz too are better avoided. Instead, use colours that will complement the red and fire element. Earth coloured items like brown or yellow are most suitable for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs in 2017.

According to Chinese astrology, the Rooster years are known to be filled with integrity and efficiency. Hard work is the key to achieving success in this Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year 2017 predictions suggest that this year can beneficial in your career and financial investments. But time your business ventures well if you want to take advantage of the most profitable periods. Also try alternative healing therapies to keep stress at bay so that you can use your potential to the maximum.

The 2017 Chinese horoscope also predicts that this is a good year for singles to get married. This Chinese zodiac rooster year 2017 is auspicious for marriage and relationships.

If you are married you can plan for a pregnancy. Professional relationships too will turn out to be fruitful. Do not complicate things by over thinking and analyzing too much. And do not indulge in risky and shady dealings as they might seem tempting and profitable.

The next question that is on everyone’s mind is whether the 2017 Year of the Rooster will be lucky for me or not? Chinese astrology 2017 forecasts predict that this will turn out to be an excellent year for the Dragons. The Snake, Ox and Rooster will have a great year.

The Rats and Tigers too will have a good year. The Sheep, Pigs and Monkeys will have a mix of good and bad happenings while the Rabbits, Horses and Dogs might face a few problems. But as long as you have the will power and focus to overcome all challenges, nothing can stop you from reaching your targets!

Here are a few Feng Shui tips to make your year go smoothly: Purple and lavender colours will be lucky. Keep a positive frame of mind. Meditation will help you be calm and serene. Amethyst and topaz will bring you luck and success.

Rat Horoscope 2017:

Forecasts for the Rat sign predict good family relations and lot of social interaction. Career might take some time to move forward but do not be lazy as this will affect your progress. Sleep well and be relaxed at all times.

Metal Rat – Birth Year 1960, Water Rats – Birth Year 1972, Wood Rat – Birth Year 1984, Fire Rat – Birth Year 1996 , Earth Rat – Birth Year 1948

Ox Horoscope 2017

The year of the rooster 2017 predictions for the Ox is favourable. All your hard work will pay off. But be sure not to show off or become arrogant. Finances and health too will be stable. So start saving today for the rainy day!

Metal Ox – Birth Year 1961, Water Oxen – Birth Year 1973, Wood Ox – Birth Year 1985, Fire Cow – Birth Year 1937, 1997, Earth Ox – Birth Year 1949

Tiger Horoscope 2017

The Tiger sign which is the 3rd in the Chinese calendar will have an auspicious year. But be ready to get some news that might make your life go upside down. But don’t worry you will have enough support to overcome adversity.

Metal Tiger – Birth Year 1950, Water Tigers – Birth Year 1962, Wood Tiger – Birth Year 1974, Fire Tiger – Birth Year 1986, Earth Tiger Years – 1938, 1998

Rabbit Horoscope 2017

2017 Chinese yearly horoscope foretells that the Rabbits might feel a little shaken at times when they are not the ones in control. Think twice before making any kind of personal or professional commitment.

Metal Rabbit – Birth Year 1951, Water Rabbit – Birth Year 1963, Wood Rabbits – Birth Year 1975, Fire Rabbits – Birth Year 1987, Earth Rabbit – Birth Year 1999

Dragon Horoscope 2017

The highly ambitious Chinese zodiac Dragon will do well in this Rooster year 2017. The Chinese horoscope 2017 forecast shows that if you correct your strategies then there is no limit to your success. Think well before making any major decision.

Metal Dragon – Birth Year 1940, 2000, Water Dragon – Birth Year 1952, Wood Dragon – Birth Year 1964, Fire Dragon – Birth Year 1976, Earth Dragons – Birth Year 1988

Snake Horoscope 2017

The Chinese horoscope for 2017 predicts a prosperous and successful year for the Snakes. Projects will turn out to be profitable. Relationships will be happy and joyful. You will save money for your future retirement. And you will enjoy eating Chinese food which is less spicy.

Metal Snake – Birth Year 1941, Water Snake – Birth Year 1953, Wood Snake – Birth Year 1965, Fire Snake – Birth Year 1977, Earth Snakes – Birth Year 1989

Horse Horoscope 2017

l2017 will be the Chinese year for the Horses to work hard. This is not the time to sit back and relax. Nor sit and dream about glory and riches. Do not let your impatience or anger get in the way of your work and relationships.

Metal Horse – Birth Year 1990, Water Horse – Birth Year 1942, Wood Horse – Birth Year 1954, Fire Horse – Born 1966, Earth Horses – Birth Year 1978

Sheep Horoscope 2017

People born in the year of the Sheep will be blessed with excellent earnings and wealth. You can also expect success in business and promotions in jobs. Relationships for the goats might be a little dicey. But you have the courage to face most issues with a positive mind.

Metal Sheep – Birth Year 1991, Water Ram – Birth Year 1943, Wood Sheep – Birth Year 1955, Fire Sheep – Birth Year 1967, Earth Goat – Birth Year 1979

Monkey Horoscope 2017

2017 year of the red fire rooster will bring new opportunities for the Monkeys. This is the period when you need to get all your ideas, thoughts together and plan for the future. And do not forget to spend time with your family.

Metal Monkeys – Birth Year 1980, Water Monkey – Birth Year 1992, Wood Monkey – Birth Year 1944, Fire Monkey – Birth Year 1956, Earth Monkey – Birth Year 1968

Rooster Horoscope 2017

Those born in the year of the rooster will have an excellent lunar new year 2017. Do not get carried away by success and money. Remember to take rest and spend sufficient time with family and friends. The Rooster animal sign will end up being the mediator in most cases.

Metal Rooster – Birth Year 1981, Water Roosters – Birth Year 1993, Wood Rooster – Birth Year 1945, Fire Roosters – Birth Year 1957, Earth Roosters – Birth Year 1969

Dog Horoscope 2017

The Dogs in 2017, need to be careful not to get into unwanted quarrels and misunderstandings. This might be a confusing year but as long as you don’t lose track, you will be able to face all problems. Remember good days are right ahead.

Metal Dog – Birth Year 1970, Water Dog – Birth Year 1982, Wood Dog – Birth Year 1994, Fire Dogs – Birth Year 1946, Earth Dog – Birth Year 1958

Pig Horoscope 2017

The Chinese New Year 2017 horoscope foretells that the Pigs will have a mixed year. Career and business for the boars might be a bit slow but your previous investments will start paying off. Go easy on relationships and do not be in a hurry to get committed.

Metal Pig – Birth Year 1971, Water Boar – Birth Year Is 1983, Wood Pigs – Birth Year 1995, Fire Boar – Birth Year 1947, Earth Pig – Birth Year 1959… #chinesenewyear 🐔 🎐 🎋 #yearoftherooster #ChineseNewYear2017 Read more …


BLOG#5. Discover Chinese zodiac signs & their meanings. Find out your Chinese astrology birth year animal and its characteristics. See our Chinese Animal Calendar.#chinesezodiacsigns #chineseastrology #chinesehoroscopesigns #chinesezodiac… Read more …


VIDEO: (Subject) Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology – Year Of The Rooster – Discover Your Chinese Zodiac



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BLOG #8. Chinese New Year 2017, year of the Rooster! How to celebrate it in London today – Telegraph.co.uk

Chinese New Year 2017, year of the Rooster! How to celebrate it in London today the Chinese zodiac is divided into 12 blocks (or houses) just like its western counterpart, but with the major difference being that …Read more …


BLOG #9. In the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year 4715 – Year of the Fire Rooster of January 28, 2017 to February 16, 2018.

On January 28, 2017 in the Chinese calendar starts the year 4715 – Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. The Rooster is a sign that symbolizes the impulsivity, the vanity, the impetuosity, the courage, the trust and the sincerity.

Maria Orlanda Furlanetto.
Numerologist and name consultant.

Read more …


BLOG #10. Chinese Zodiac 2017: 12 Things to Know About the Year of the Rooster – Investorplace.com

Each Zodiac year is also associated with one of five elements(fire, water, wood, earth, metal), and this will be the year of the fire rooster … Read more …


BOOK #1. The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships: Love and Marriage, Friendship and Business By Theodora Lau

The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships: Love and Marriage, Friendship and Business By Theodora LauThe Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships is a fascinating guide to the secrets of the astrological system that has been practiced in China for years.  By identifying the people in your life–business associates, family members, teachers, friends, lovers, and spouses–through their respective signs, you will gain valuable insight into their personalities and aptitudes, their quirks and proclivities.  More important, you will discover how your own sign and its traits affect how you get along with others born under different signs.  At long last, you will have the astrological explanations as to why you can be so compatible with one person yet so completely at odds with someone else.  SEE DETAILS:


BOOK #2: Secrets of the Combined Astrology: The Full 144 Combinations of the Chinese & Western Zodiac Signs By Zakariya Adeel

Secrets of the Combined Astrology~The Full 144 Combinations of the Chinese & Western Zodiac Signs By Zakariya Adeel144 Astrological Archetypes that reveal more about you than you knew about yourself. Secrets of the Combined Astrology is a comprehensive work focusing on the 144 combinations created when the 12 Chinese signs (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar) meet the 12 Western Zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). Starting with the traditional four BAZI pillars i.e. day, month, year and time of birth, this information is converted into Astrological language the Western world understands, making what is otherwise a very complicated process easily accessible by the mainstream. Celebrities and public figures are used as references to illustrate each individual combination…SEE Details:

BOOK #3: The New Chinese Astrology By Suzanne White

The New Chinese Astrology By Suzanne WhiteIn THE NEW CHINESE ASTROLOGY, world-famous astrologer and best-selling author Suzanne White demystifies the complex Chinese Zodiac – the animal signs. Which Chinese animal signs is yours? Which element governs your sign? How does all this affect your character. This amusing, yet serious, and informative volume describes each animal sign’s individual characteristics, special capabilities and particular health problems. Suzanne White details how the five Chinese elements affect each sign. In THE NEW CHINESE ASTROLOGY, we also discover compatibilities. We find out how people of the various signs combine and relate to one another as friends, lovers, and colleagues. Suzanne White clues us about which matches are truly harmonious– and which unions are a recipe for disaster. Best of all, THE NEW CHINESE ASTROLOGY predicts what the next twelve years bode for you, your friends, and even your enemies! Lively, accessible and witty, this book is full of sage advice…SEE DETAILS:



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