How To Differentiate Between Fake and Real Psychic Mediums?

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How to Differentiate Between Fake and Real Psychic Mediums? How To Differentiate Between Fake

and Real Psychic Mediums?

There are many things in life that science has no answer to and therefore you cannot really prove everything scientifically. There are people who have this gift of communicating with the world of spirit and higher power and they somehow managed to use that power to good use offering you with answers to what life holds for you in the distant future.


There are many sites that might tell you that psychic mediums are bunch of crooks, but that is not completely true as there are people that have the ability to connect to high powers through meditation and the unnatural gift that they are born with. The biggest question here is how you can differentiate between genuine psychic mediums and fraud ones.


Money First

Genuine psychic mediums are more focused on their ability to interact with higher powers and provide you with the information rather than worrying about their fees. Most fraudulent psychic mediums will ask for their fees upfront and they are quite conscious about that so unless you provide them with their fees they are not going to provide you with any information. Genuine psychic mediums do charge money for their service, but they are not that desperate about getting their fees first.

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Change Your Future

There are many fake psychic mediums online that claim that they have the power to change your future. Well, this is a lie and a clear indication that you need to search for someone else that can provide you with true information.


Many genuine psychic mediums claim that they only have the power to provide certain information, but they do not possess any power to change anybody’s future. A fake psychic medium will tell you that he or she has the power to change your future for a small amount of extra fee.


Give Instructions

Genuine psychic mediums never really give out instructions to their clients on what they should do to avoid problems. They do discuss some matters and will help with some ideas and options, but they never outright tell you to follow certain rules and regulations. Genuine psychic mediums understand that life path can always change and therefore there are multiple options that can be tried.


Scare Tactics

Many fake psychic mediums use scare tactics to ensure that their clients do approach them after every few weeks. Genuine psychic mediums never really do this because they are not really into this for money, they do it for their passion and because they have this gift of communication with the spirit world.


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