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feng shuiHow To Enhance Your Life With A Little Feng Shui

Practiced for centuries by the Chinese, the ancient practice of Feng shui is one of the oldest forms of geomancy in the world and can be traced back as far as 3500 years ago in ancient China. Feng Shui is an ancient means of drawing harmony and abundance into family life. The practice relies on the laws of heaven and earth to help people balance their energies within a space.


The local Chinese people place wind that is gentle and water that is clear in one setting.  It is to represent good health and harvest and fortune. The word literally means wind and water and this practice believes in the notion that qi or vital energy can greatly influence and improve a person’s life by achieving balance and harmony in their surroundings.



Feng Shui works through energy channels or “chi” and the flow of the chi through the life areas (baguas) in your home. Particular areas in the home, elements, color, sound and placement are all fundamental to Feng Shui. With a few changes in the environment around you, it is possible to create a path to wish fulfillment in your own home.



To apply this practice means having to recognize the relationship between man and the environment he lives in. The key to this practice is locating the all important qi by arranging objects inside or outside of your home or even your office space so that qi continuously flows freely in the space thereby producing a positive impact in different aspects of your life.  This ancient practice and belief is still being applied today and here are some methods where the art of balance and harmony can make a difference in a person’s life.


Basic Feng Shui

In the same way that energy channels can be opened and positive, these can also be blocked and negative. If you have ever been in a home that felt stagnant or even angry or depressed, you may have been experiencing negative or blocked energy. The first task in using Feng Shui for attracting what you wish for is to open up blocked energies and get rid of negative ones.


If you do not wish to take on a complete overhaul of your home, you can still choose to work with the area in which you would like to see the most improvement. In all, there are nine baguas or facets of life illustrated in your immediate environment. One or more of these will relate to the desires you wish to have fulfilled.


These are some tips to overcoming and preventing Chi flow problems, giving you a harmonious feng shui home.


Start by drawing a rudimentary map of your home with the main entrance at the bottom center. Using the Bagua Map to the left, determine which areas of your home relate to the desires you wish to have fulfilled. It is the energies in those areas with which you will be working. Most homes are not square and so it will be necessary to adapt the map to the shape of your residence.


Feng Shui 

Next, you will need to determine the symbolism and colors associated with the area of concern. There are some basics in regard to symbolism but for the most part, it is those objects and designs you identify with on a personal level that will work the best. Utilize colors and symbols in the area but be sure to leave plenty of space for the positive energies to flow.


Living in a well organized living space where the energy can flow without hindrance allows the occupants of that living space to think and act positively and live life with optimism. But in today’s fast paced life where space has become such a demand factor in popular cities Feng Shui can be used to make living clutter free and manageable.


Even in homes that have very spacious backyards Feng Shui helps to design a landscape that will bring good luck to the inhabitants of that home.


Feng Shui is based on the 5 elements that make our universe – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. In a productive cycle the water produces wood which produces fire which produces earth which produces metal which in turn produces water. The colors associated with each of these elements is intuitive.


Blue for water, brown for wood, red for fire, beige for earth and grey for metal. There are of course secondary colors associated with each of these elements. The elements are said to be in harmony when the cycle is productive. On the other hand the destructive cycle goes the opposite way is not very beneficial.


The birth date of a person is used to calculate his or her kua number. The kua number is used to determine the lucky and unlucky directions. An individual can harness the maximum benefit by doing activities facing his/her lucky direction.


The landscape in feng shui is a very important factor that is getting over looked these days. Though it is very common sense, sometimes human factors which in turn manifest as real estate gives minimal importance to the landscape due to monetary reasons or lack of space factors.


In Feng Shui the landscape to the left of the house (if you stand inside the house and look out through your front door) should be higher (ideally) or equal to the the land on the right side of the house. Also, if the landscape to the left-back of the house is taller than the land in the right-back of the house it is very good. And as common sense points the landscape to the front of the house should be without any obstacles, tall buildings or objects pointing right at the front door of the house.


Feng Shui deals with a lot of areas so today we are just covering the basics.

These are some Feng Shui Tips for Decorating a Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom according to the beliefs and practices of Feng Shui may make the room feel more spacious and inviting. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of how to best place the furniture and items in your home to let the energy flow through your home, bringing balance and order to your life.



Soft, pastel colors are best for smaller bedrooms as they can help the room seem larger and airy. Create a focal point by painting one wall a couple of shades darker than the others. Choose a soft color that makes you feel at ease.


Bed Placement

Bed placement is one of the most important factors in situating your small bedroom. Your bed should not share a wall with the door, a bathroom or be placed under a window or mirror if at all possible. Placing your bed against a wall that’s shared with a bathroom is draining and chaotic like the water that’s constantly flushing and moving.
If there is no other wall that you can place your bed against, hang a mirror above your bed so that it reflects the flushing and draining back into the bathroom. If the bed is for a couple, it should not be shoved up against a wall where one person has to climb over the other to get out of bed.
Instead, leave just enough room for a walkway and place a small bedside table on that side. If the bed is for a single person who’s looking for love, the same rules apply. For a child or teen, it’s okay to place the bed against the wall to allow for more space.
Do not place the bed directly in front of the door, but in the farthest point you can that’s opposite from the door. – Sleeping directly on the floor is not suggested as it does not allow the Chi to flow beneath you. You should have a clear view of the door and the entire room from your bed, which is sometimes called the king’s position.



Properly placing mirrors around your small bedroom can help make it seem larger. Cover the mirrors at night when you sleep if they reflect your head or upper body. If your bed is placed where you cannot see the door, hang a mirror that allows you to see the reflection of your bedroom entryway.


Water should be avoided in the bedroom as it’s constantly in motion and doesn’t allow for a peaceful rest. The chaos of any water features may be magnified in a small room as there’s less space for the energy to be dispersed. Keep water fountains, pictures of waterfalls and aquariums out of the bedroom to make it a peaceful place where you can rest and rejuvenate.Hang pictures that reflect the way you want to feel.

If you’re single and want to attract a partner into your life, hang images of happy couples. Avoid pictures of hostile animals or single people. This is especially important for any images you hang above your bed, as those images are said to rule your dreams.

In a bedroom, there is less wall space to display pictures, which makes the images that you choose even more important to the mood and energy of the room.Keep your room tidy and free of clutter. If you have little storage, keep out-of-season clothes or blankets under your bed–only if there is no where else to store those items.

Using the Five Phases Method

The five phases method relies in the five elements or phases of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.  These elements interrelate with each other through a creation cycle where fire produces earth, earth produces metal, metal produces water and water produces wood.  Each element also corresponds to a particular direction where water is placed in the north, fire is the south, east is wood, west is metal and earth is the center.


The best way to apply this method is to make sure that your room or the space you live in has a balance of all these elements to produce good qi otherwise too much of a particular element might go against the other elements and produce harmful qi instead.    


Using the Flying Stars Method

Probably the most difficult method to apply Feng shui is the flying star method which takes into account the date your house or office was built, a detailed floor plan and the outside environment of the place.  It is similar to having a birth sign in astrology only this time it’s your property’s birth sign.  


Although this method can be complex, it is the most accurate of methods and usually done by master practitioners of the craft.  What this method aims to achieve is to harmonize your space by finding out the best elements to enhance it and the elements that need to be avoided.


Using the Eight Mansions Method

The most popular application of Feng shui is the eight mansions method or the Ba Zhai.  This method requires you to calculate your kua number based on your birth date.  This will help you determine your auspicious direction because each kua number corresponds to a particular direction.  


This method aims to find out which directions are good for you and which to avoid.  It also helps you find out if you are compatible with that particular area you’re living or staying in.  Finding out the best direction for you and enhancing that space can help you become more productive in terms of career, relationships, health and luck.  


The Chi, a positive energy that brings in prosperity, should always flow freely through different areas in the home. The following are simple feng shui tips for the different areas in the home.


The kitchen

– The stove must be away from the door, but the cook should be able to see the door. If not possible, install a mirror.


– Never position the stove opposite the sink, refrigerator, or dishwasher. A clash of the elements fire and water is not a good idea.


– Keep your cupboard and refrigerator well stocked with food supplies. It implies wealth and abundance.


– Avoid positioning the stove directly in front of a window. Placing the stove to the side of a window is better.


The bathroom or toilet

– Never place the toilet opposite the kitchen. The feng shui fire and water elements will clash in this situation.


– The toilet must not be placed adjacent to the front door. Place the toilet somewhere far away from the front door.


– Avoid positioning the toilet door directly opposite the front door. This may lead to wasted opportunities.


– Place a huge mirror behind the bathroom sink. But never use the kind that is split in the middle, often seen in bathroom cabinets.


– Make sure that the plumbing fixtures in the bathroom and toilet are not leaking, especially the faucets.


The stairway

– Traditionally, the favorable number of steps in a stairway is an odd number. A spiral staircase is also a blunder because it confuses the Chi.


– The worst mistake that can happen is when the staircase leads directly to the front door. This leads to the loss of opportunities, and the residents tend to be always rushing, seldom settling in.


– A good way to slow down the flow of Chi outside the front door is to hang a wind chime on the ceiling above the base of the staircase. A heavy figurine at the floor level below may also act helpful.


Lobbies and hallways

– Hallways need to be free of impediments and are needed to be well lit. It should also be clear to anyone where they are to go next in the house.


– A nice piece of art may be hung on the wall to the end of a hallway. However, never place a mirror there; it will only reflect back the entering Chi.


– There should be no hallway in the house that leads directly to a toilet. If it is already there, just make sure the door is closed at all times.


Feng Shui Tips for Business

Feng shui has not only been used for achieving harmony and balance in life and home. It can also be used to achieve success in business. Feng shui and business go together especially in the orient. And in the West, some businesses have already tried applying the practice in trying to ensure success. Here are some useful business feng shui tips that you can use.


When it comes to your store, how you design and arrange interiors as well as its exterior may affect the flow of good chi. First off, you should start by looking at your store’s facade. In order to achieve good feng shui, your store’s name, design and display should stand out. This is the result of good chi flowing into your store. The strong flow of the energy can be created by a strong and clear presence in the environment. In terms of your store, it should catch the attention of a passer by through its attractive display clean store name and good lighting.


After you have made well with your store exterior, you then need to check on your interiors. When you come inside, try to take note of what part of the room that instantly take your attention. Are you attracted to look towards the right or towards the left?


The location to where you are drawn is considered to be the flow of chi inside your store. You can then make use of this idea to determine how you should make the good chi flow through your store. For this you may need to create some pathways for the energy to flow in the same way that you would want your customers to explore and see the items that you are selling.

The way you arrange your office space can also affect your business. This goes with how you place your office tables and chairs. It is good feng shui advice to always sit with a  solid wall behind your back. It is not good feng shui practice to sit with your back to the window for long periods of time. In the same way, you should not be sitting with your face front on a solid wall while working.


And because light and air flow greatly affects the flow of chi in the practice of feng shui, you should also try to make good use of it in your office. Try to make sure that air has a means of going inside your office by trying to open windows. Try also to let as much natural light as possible into your office in order to create an area where good chi might flow constantly. The positioning of your office furniture should also be considered so as not to impede this flow of energy into your office surroundings.


Since most offices today exists in a sea of polluted environments. This would not be a good area for chi to flow in. Air pollution in particular must be resolved by making use of different feng shui items that may aid in clearing the air for the good energy to flow in. air purifying plants can be used in order to help clean the air inside the office.


Other feng shui items such as essential oils, crystals and water fountains can also be used to cleanse or raise the energy levels in the office.


Testimonies of the benefits of this ancient practice are many and its effectiveness can be traced from ancient times otherwise this practice would not have survived today.  The concept is simple and everyone can benefit with some semblance of balance and harmony in their lives.  It’s just a matter of recognizing the value of qi and making sure everything in your surroundings brings you peace.


Most of these ideas and suggestions put forth by Feng Shui are mostly common sense, but there could be something that has been forgotten or ignored due to several reasons. It is a very interesting field of study and can be used to bring good changes into ones life. Practicing Feng Shui will not cause any turn of luck overnight, but it will slowly encourage the heart and the mind to accept doing things in a certain way that ensures maximum benefit.


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