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Free Career Astrology ~ What Does Your Natal Chart Say About Career and Wealth?Free Career Astrology

What Does Your Natal Chart Say About Career and Wealth?


Astrology is a vast study of the planets and stars and all the heavenly bodies surrounding us. This has come up with different analogies and signs and came up with natal charts. As explained, natal charts are the ones that tell us what and who we are as a person basing on where, what time, and what date we were born. It tells us of the different aspects of our being.


It can tell about our career and wealth. Money and wealth, after all, are among the many topics that people find interesting to know. Many people would love to know if they will have a positive cash flow, if they can earn good money by themselves, or if they will just inherit the money.


With the help of the natal charts, they will possibly know their potentials in acquiring money. But in order to be rich, one must not only know his potential, but must also work hard for money to come. You must have the intellectual ability, the will to victory, and industry for reaching your goals. You must never give up if you want to achieve something.


Regarding the natal chart, we must analyze first the money houses in your natal chart to know if you really are lucky in terms of wealth, money, and career. The houses include the II house which tells about our financial situation and our attitude towards money. The VIII house concerns money and assets of our spouses or partners. Lastly, the IX house deals with money and assets received from our business and career.


The different rulers of these houses take some special places in the natal charts. Your situation will be known after analyzing the rulers regarding their places, aspects, and positions by signs and houses. You must pay attention to the planets found within the house.


If you have a full II house, it tells us that money and material wealth play an important role your life and you will be stimulated to earn and save up more money. If your VII house is full, you are likely to receive inheritance or your partner or spouse will help in acquiring money, or your money is gained due to investments.


The sign on the cusp of II and VIII houses will also matter. If you have a cusp of your II house in the Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, you can expect to receive fast results in your endeavors to make money. In Earth signs like Taurus, Virgin, and Capricorn, a person has the patience in reaching their goals.


For the Air signs namely Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, a person uses his brain in making money and doing his work. But acquiring the money will be difficult for them. Water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces need to be emotionally satisfied with work and money making. They sometimes end up having an imbalanced financial status since they focus more on satisfaction of work rather than earning the money.


The next thing we have to analyze in the natal chart is the condition of Jupiter. It is the planet that gives wealth and prosperity. Also, Venus has to be analyzed. She is the natural ruler of the II house. It is good to note that a good sign for attracting money is having favorable aspects of these plates to rulers of these houses or their positions in these houses. And for lucky persons who have any aspect between these two planets, they are expected to earn money, receive good inheritance, win in a lottery.


It also noted that if there is participation of the superior planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in favorable aspects to Venus and/or Jupiter, it will bring wealth to the person involved.


The ruler of Ascendant plays an important role because it turns on the potentials of the houses. All of these are important in your natal chart for you to know the path of your career and wealth.


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