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10 Free Apps You Need For Your New iPad 2

The iPad is this years high-tech toy of choice. No longer the domain of discriminating geeks and creepy technophiles, the iPad is now the undisputed king of a whole new computing trend that has spawned in the wake of it’s release only a year ago.

The iPad has a few designMajor Vastu Taboos For Bedrooms. Read more ... » weaknesses, and developers are working hard to close these gaps. If you know where to look there are simple cloud computing solutions to most of these issues, as well as some apps that are just plain cool. Check out this list of 10 freeVedic Astrology and Your Career. Read more ... » apps for your iPad 2Horoscope For The Year. Read more ... ».

iPad owners have complained that the lack of a USB port makes it impossible to add removable storage to the iPad. This makes it unable to support flash drives, external hard drives, and similar commonly used storage mediumsTarot Card Tools. Read more ... ». If a file is too big to emailThe Best Horoscope Website. Read more ... » it becomes problematic transferring informationFree Astrological Charts. Read more ... » from your iPad to your computerApple Horoscope Widget. Read more ... » or phoneFree Astrological Charts. Read more ... ». Dropbox solves this problem. It acts as a folder that syncs with all machines it’s installed to. This includes your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad and more. Running out the door and want to access that spreadsheet you just finished? Drag your file into Dropbox on your desktop and access it on your iPad later.

Dragon Dictation
The missing USB port also makes it impossible to connect a regular keyboard to your iPad. Not a fan of using touch screen keyboards? Neither am I. The touch screen is actually one of the biggest complaints that consumers have about the iPad. This issue is addressed by DragonChinese Astrology Snake And Dragon. Read more ... » Dictation. You can use Dragon to send texts and emails. Their voice recognition softwareFree Horoscope Generator Software. Read more ... » records your voice and allows you to send dictated messagesLove Psychics On The Phone. Read more ... » via email or text.

This is another great app for transferring data without a flash drive. Evernote lets you create photo, audio or text notes that you can sync with your PC without the hassle of having to retrieve it from your email. I’ve used it to remember my bike lock pass key, note the code to my laundry room door and take photos of maps in malls, campuses, and office buildings to make it easier to find my way around..

Google for iPad
Access your personal GmailAstrology Cafe Daily. Read more ... » account as well as all your GoogleHoroscope Guide Magazine Website. Read more ... » Application accounts. You also get access to most of Google’s apps in one spot, including ReaderKeen Psychic Reading. Read more ... », Calendar, Documents, Talk, Voice and BooksVedic Astrology Books. Read more ... ». You also get access to a voice enabled Google searchBest Horoscope Website. Read more ... ». This is incredibly handy for looking things up quickly or while on the go.

By far the best free RSS reader for your iPad. Syncs quickly with Google Reader and has access to all of Google Reader’s sharing functionality. Not to mention it’s just plain beautiful and easy to navigate.

Amazon Kindle
Wait, don’t I have to pay for books? True, but the beauty of Kindle is that you can download the first 10-20 pages of any Kindle book. This saves you moneyFree Astrological Charts. Read more ... » wasted on books you find you don’t like after a purchase. It also saves you a trip to the book store and wading through brick and mortar kiosks and disorganized book shelves searching for your book of choice.

The best way to experience FacebookPost My Horoscope On Facebook. Read more ... » on your iPad. Essentially is enhanced with touch screen support. Sure, the standard web browser version of Facebook on the iPad is good but Friendly is better.

Need to manage multiple twitterGemini Horoscope On Facebook. Read more ... », Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts? Hootsuite has a slick and simple touch interface that lets you schedule messages and manage multiple socialLibra And Sagittarius. Read more ... » mediaWeekend Horoscope. Read more ... » accounts in one spot.

Calculator Free HD
For some reason AppleApple Horoscope Widget. Read more ... » did not include a free calculator with the iPad. That’s okay because Calculator Free HD works great and the advertising is minimal and not distracting.

The Weather Channel Max
Apple also chose not to include a native weather application with the iPad. The Weather Channel Max fills that role well and taps into The Weather Channel’s extensive content and toolsLibra And Sagittarius. Read more ... ».

The iPad 2 is now on the market, but if you haven’t grabbed one you may need to wait a little while. Analysts are predicting iPad 2 shortages due to the tragedy of Japan’s recent earthquake. Combine that tragedy with Apple experiencing more demand than they initially expected and consumers could be waiting weeks to snag a new iPad 2.

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Ken Marshall is a marketing guru and former Vice President of CPA Site Solutions, one of the United States’ most successful web companies dedicated exclusively to accounting websites.

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