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Horoscope Kim Allen latest news

Horoscope Kim Allen

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Horoscope Kim Allen

Horoscope Kim Allen

Horoscope Kim Allen

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Shuttin’ Down Hot 97 by Raqiyah Mays | The Raq Chronicles


At times like this, I often contact my good friend, psychic Kim Allen. She’s a beautiful astrology expert I worked with during my radio days at Kiss FM. I met Kim years ago, during her weekly readings on Miss Jones’ Hot 97


Future Astrology Predictions At New Orleans Astrologer Conference


Astrologer Kim Allen, of Brooklyn, N.Y., said she’s got a “strong feeling” Obama will be re-elected for a second term, and she’s not alone. “There’s a little bit of a consensus about Obama and pretty much a belief that Obama is


The Allen Ginsberg Project: Allen’s Astrological Chart


Allen’s astrological chart. We’ve had this for some time in safe-keeping. In a note in The Woodstock Journal, astrologer Eric Francis, (the astrologer who drew it up), has observed: “With (his) Sun and Mercury tightly aligned in


Astrology: Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, date of birth


Astrology: Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, born August 21, 1930 in Glamis, Scotland, Horoscope, birth chart, free excerpts of astrological portrait, photo, and biography. 44917 Free Horoscopes and Birth Charts.


Astrology: Celebrities Horoscopes / name starts with letter D


Astrology: birth chart of the celebrities whose name starts with letter D with natal chart, biography and picture. Your Daily Horoscope by Email · Horoscope: Questions & Answers. Astrology and Personality. Natal Chart, Sign, and Ascendant

Fun Particulars Related To Horoscope Compatibility And Also The Four Elements

Horoscope Compatibility

Astrology signs compatibility supplies men and women the very special possibility to investigate the opportunity of getting a ideal friendship by simply analyzing the various attributes as well as personality which comprise their own personalities. Horoscope is actually linked with the diverse elements of the 12 zodiac signs. The actual signs compatibility has always been used to foresee events, good fortune, true love friendship along with other actual life circumstances. These predictions can always be achieved from a day-to-day, weekly, once a month or even annual schedule.

The premise for horoscope compatibility is really on the birth times of men and women. It’s generally used to assist people to discover how to relate together to be able to have a great way of life here in the world. In most all cases, the sign matchup is used in dating particularly in romantic relationships that can end in married life. Whenever you’re able to opt for a accurate compatibility evaluation based upon astrological readings, you and your husband can easily find out about her and the friendship. You will certainly familiarize yourself with if you’re intended to connect together with each other or perhaps not.

To be able to make your sign matches succeed, the two of you should provide your own birthdays along with location of birth in some cases. Using such information, your zodiac signs which regulate the moments of your own births shall be demystified. Following that, you and your spouse will see the reasons you process the way you do and the appropriate steps to perform in the situation.

When it comes to astrology signs match-ups, the 12 zodiac signs play big tasks. They are used to solve all the secrets guiding the actual everyday life of people concerned. After that, there are a number of important parts that happen to be involved. They involve Fire, Air, Water as well as Earth. All these various aspects are widely used to understand the nature of the whole world and ways in which they can interact with the actual day-to-day lives of humans. All the four elements additionally have a great deal with regards to the zodiac signs on the subject of concerns concerning match-ups. Primarily, Air plus Fire are known to be constructive energies along with manly in design while Earth plus Water happen to be looked upon as unfavorable factors together with feminine factors. Just about all these facts include a lot to play when it comes to compatibility reports.

Overall, zodiac sign compatibility could be very necessary for a good true love friendship. It’s often vitally important for loving couples to consider a sign compatibility check in order to discover more info on their own various existence. It will help these people to uncover the probability of getting a fantastic friendship at the conclusion.

Horoscope kim allen/

Get your 2014 Horoscope Personalized Reading


Horoscope Kim Allen

Snake Year 2013-14: Fortunes of the Snake!

By Peter Allsop

Are you 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 (and so-on in 12-year increments) between 10th February 2013 and 30th January 2014 (Snake Year’s end)? Are partners, friends, relatives, parents, children or colleagues the Chinese Zodiac’s sixth Sign, graceful, subtle, ‘cool’, lucky Snakes/ ‘She’ (pronounced ‘Sher’)?

Years of the SNAKE:

1905 Wood; 1917 Fire; 1929 Earth; 1941 Metal; 1953 Water; 1965 Wood; 1977 Fire; 1989 Earth; 2001 Metal; 2013 Water, 2025 Wood.

Famous Snakes Include

Anne Frank, Kim Basinger, Charles Darwin, Tom Conti, Randy Crawford, Elizabeth I, Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi, Carole King, Muhammad Ali, Tony Blair, Pierce Brosnan, Bob Dylan and Edgar Allen Poe


Snakes are ambitious, intelligent, quick-witted, cool-customers who can adapt readily to a variety of changing situations. They tend to be witty and popular with good inter-personal skills. Snakes are also generous, kind, enchanting and appealing.

Snakes can be mean and possessive and also vain, quick-tempered and headstrong. This makes Snakes therefore susceptible to unnecessary troubles which they bring upon themselves.

Auspicious Gems and Crystals

Agate (especially Wealth Trees-position these in the S.E. to make prosperity grow), Opal (particularly Fire Opals) and Topaz.

Ideal Snake Careers and Occupations Include:

Analysis, Management, Sales, Self-Employment, Science, Jewellery, Business, Education and Writing


Ox, Rooster and Monkey are the Birth Signs of those Snakes are most compatible with as partners. They are least compatible with Tigers and Pigs In relationship terms.

Snake in Snake Year 2013-14

Forget frenzied Western-style birthdate celebrations. A year-long reflection and meditation, reviewing the previous 12 Years, planning for the next 12, is considered more appropriate and recommended for all Chinese Zodiac Signs’ Birth Years.

Snakes should avoid complacency and/or wishes to hog the limelight in 2013. Instead they should practice self-review and strive to get on top of events.

Fortunes of the Snake in 2013-14

2013-14 holds mixed fortunes for Snakes. The Year’s 2nd half (August onwards) is more auspicious than the 1st, making this an ideal time for planned trips and vacations. However, Snakes should be careful not to be let-down by friends.

Avoid moving house or undertaking substantial home renovations during this period. Money-making and career advancement prospects are particularly poor throughout the Year but proactive approaches to love and relationships may produce positive results.

The Snake in Chinese Culture

In China, snakes are considered good luck symbols-entirely different from the wicked serpents of Western Biblical tradition. Also a member of the elite ‘Wuxing’/ 5 Animals group and Resembling a mini-Dragon (the group leader) some of the former’s auspicious and fortunate aura transfers to Snakes-hence the Sign’s ‘lucky’ connotations

Alongside Chinese metaphysics and Astrology, gem and crystal Feng Shui Peter Allsop M.Ed’s interests also include Longevity Training, 5 Elements Qigong and Daoism.

Feng Shui Consultant Peter also publishes ‘ Martial Arts Ezine; Red Dragon’ free online.Explore the resources at http:// http://www.sheffieldkungfu.com and http://www.hylenergiser.com

Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong, Peter teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire U. K. as Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Allsop

horoscope kim allen/

Feel Good Forecast

Renown Astrologist Kim Allen joins the HooplaHa team to provide a weekly horoscope. She’ll read the astrological charts, check the stars, and tell you the po…

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