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Horoscope Yearly 2013 - Horoscope Yearly

Horoscope Yearly 2013

Horoscope Yearly

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Horoscope Yearly 2013

Horoscope Yearly 2013

Horoscope Yearly 2013 Article –

Horoscope for 2013

By L. Forman

Aquarius – Productive

Of all the signs, Aquarius, you have the most opportunity to be productive this year. You have the opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could handle, surmount challenges you didn’t think you would face, and complete projects you thought were endless. The more that you focus on making it easier to be productive this year, the more you will get done, showing others your potential and your ability to be the one who inspires others. Even in distracting times, make sure to stay on task.

Aries – Possibility

When you have a lot of dreams, Aries, it can be challenging to focus on just one. But this is a year of possibility, so maybe it’s time to think about those dreams more often. You might want to consider whether holding them back is the right thing for you to do, for your happiness and for your stability. Think about what’s possible, and think about what you could do to make certain ideas come to life. It’s not the time to put aside childish dreams. This is a year for daydreaming and becoming open to what else might be realistic in your life. Write down every dream because it might be the next thing you accomplish.

Cancer – Commitment

The challenge for your life in 2013, Cancer, is that you have troubles committing. You have had times when you’ve stepped aside for legitimate reasons, but also for reasons that might not have been as truthful as you said they were. But you’re ready now to take on the challenges of doing what you say you will do. True, there will be times when you might want to slip back into your old ways, but instead of falling back into old patterns, you need to focus on how you can support yourself in doing what needs to be done. You are the one who is ready to show everyone that you are capable and trustworthy this year. You have everything to gain from showing up.

Capricorn – Giving

In the past, Capricorn, it was challenging for you to give to others. This isn’t because you’re an unkind person, but your own personal needs were the priority. The good news is that you can continue to support yourself while giving to others. All you need to do is to focus on what you CAN give in a particular moment. Sometimes, you may still need to step back from others, but the more you can give of yourself, the more you will receive in return. Take time to think about how you can offer your gifts and abilities to others. Even the smallest gifts can make big differences in the lives of others. You just need to step a little outside of your comfort zone, and realize that others will return the favors.

Gemini – Balance

While your nature, Gemini, might be to focus on doing as much as possible, this year you need to find your point of balance. This might not look like a typical work-life balance, however. You need to throw away what everyone else seems to think balance looks like – perfection. It’s not about always having things perfectly measured, but that you need to think about how you are overstretching yourself in some areas, while not stretching yourself far enough in others. The more you can stop and take stock of what you are doing, the more you can see when things need to be rearranged.

Leo – Caution

No one wants to hear they are going to have troubles, Leo, so don’t think of 2013 as this sort of year. Instead, think about this year as being a time when thinking about the next step becomes crucial for the outcomes you want. Instead of rushing to do something or to say something, stop and think hard about why you are making each decision. When you do, you will find another answer or action might be necessary in that moment. You may not always have the right answers, and sometimes you might still have reactions that are out of place or that are unhelpful, but the more you can stop to think, the more you will get the results you desire.

Libra – Strength

Libra, you already consider yourself to be a strong sign, someone who is able to do more than the average person and face more than others might be willing to face. But 2013 is a time of testing your resolve. To find out if you are being strong in an effective way, it’s helpful to think about how you might be approaching certain situation in your life. Are you confusing strength with the act of not saying what’s on your mind? If so, then it might be time to reassess this way of living. Sometimes, strength comes not from being silent or composed, but from being emotional and open. Others will respond to you when you are clear about where you are at.

Pisces – Stability

The bright side of 2013 is that stability is the guiding force, Pisces. In the past, when you have felt unstable, you may have been drawn to taking large steps to correct the situation. Though this is certainly helpful in some instances, look at this year as finding smaller ways to right your course. Think about how you might be able to create a steadier outcome, than one that is the direct opposite of what was already happening. When you do this, you create an opportunity to use less energy to get what you really way. Stability isn’t boring, either. Instead, it allows you to be more grounded in your self and in your path in the world.

Sagittarius – Decisions

Though every moment might seem to present a new decision, Sagittarius, realize that it’s not always that simple. Your direct manner and your ability to be decisive has certainly helped you, but it can also cause you to be less effective in the thinking process. Decisions that are well informed come from sitting and thinking about the situation, and what you want the result to be. While there are times when snap decisions are the best actions, there are other times when the impact of your decision is much larger than it appears in the moment. The time has come for you to decide well, as opposed to checking another decision off your list.

Scorpio – Integrity

When you first see the idea of integrity, Scorpio, what does it mean to you? Does it mean that you need to act well or that you need to act in a more positive manner? Stopping to think about where your intentions line up with your actions is a great way to begin this new way of living in 2013. The more you can focus on the ways in which you make decisions that support your beliefs, the more you can find successful outcomes. You’re not a person who necessarily acts outside of ethical considerations, but this year, it’s important that you don’t stray far from the rules of society. You want to make sure you’re doing things that are right, rather than things that are easier. Others are watching you.

Taurus – Conflict

Most of the time, Taurus, you have a keen ability to navigate conflict well, but during this year, your patience may be tested. You might find yourself in situations that were not of your own actions, but they still impact you. To ensure you are making the best decisions, you will want to focus on finding the source of the conflict. At times, this thought process might lead back to you and to something you’ve said or done. While your intentions may have been good, realize that you are not the only person that matters in an interaction. By stopping to take responsibility, you can create a peaceful year, one in which you learn more about who you are.

Virgo – Completion

With all of the things you have taken on in the past few years, Virgo, it may begin to feel like you’re getting nowhere. You’ve done the things you’ve needed to do, but what about those special projects you’ve left behind? 2013 is the perfect year for finally clearing off your literal and proverbial desk. Look at your calendar to see how you can fit in the things you’ve said were important and that were something that you would do. Follow through on your promises and you’ll end the year with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Additionally, you’ll find you’ve set yourself up for a time of even greater productivity in the following year.

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