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Mystic Meg (born Margaret Anne Lake on 27 July 1942)[1] is a British astrologer and psychic who has regular astrology columns in The Sun[2] and until its demise, the News of the World.[3] She came to greater public notice when she hosted what became a regular item on the first broadcast of the National Lottery draw in 1994. Her image also appears on various astrology-related books and merchandise. She studied English at the University of Leeds.


She was born in Accrington, Lancashire.[citation needed]

In 1995, her regular spot on the National Lottery programmes was lampooned by comedian Brian Conley in the guise of Septic Peg on The Brian Conley Show. She would make ludicrously tedious predictions, such as predicting that the lottery winner would be a man or a woman, and would often glance at the camera cross-eyed. Both Mystic Meg and Septic Peg performed together during Conley’s live show, Alive and Dangerous, in 1996.[4]


In the first edition of the News of the World for each year, Mystic Meg traditionally made predictions for the coming twelve months. These predictions ranged from the sensible to the outright absurd,[5] and were often similar from year to year.


She also owns a number of racehorses[6] under the company name Mystic Meg Limited, which is based in Bedford.[7] The horses include Astrodonna,[8] Astronangel,[9] and Astronova[10] and other horses with celestial names.


Horoscopes Mystic Meg


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