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How to See An Aura in 10 Minutes - Horoscope Yearly

How to See An Aura in 10 Minutes

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How to See An Aura

How to See An Aura in 10 Minutes

How to See the First Layer of an Aura…
You will need:

A semi dark room with some light (a bathroom or bedroom with the shades drawn),

A mirror that is large enough to see your torso (shoulders to waist)

A matte black shirt (no print, no obvious texture, no lint – just makes it a little easier).

Wear or drape the black shirt across your torso.

Stand in front of the mirror.

Allow your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the dim lighting.


With flat palms and fingers together, place your hands in front of your torso so you can see the backs of your hands and fingers in the mirror. Your middle fingers should be about 6 inches from each other.


Try not to squint, but just look gently (that’s the only way I know how to say it…;) ) at the tips of your middle fingers.


Within a few minutes you should be able to see the first layer of your aura around your fingers. It will look like ribbons of cigarette smoke or fog.


Once you’re able to see it you will always be able to see it when you want to…


A neat thing I like to show someone once they can see it is this:


Slowly allow your fingers to touch and then slowly pull them apart. You’ll see the aura from each finger meld and pull away like taffy being pulled (I guess, that’s my comparison, anyway.)

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This technique also works with plants and once you get used to seeing the aura and know what you’re looking for you won’t probably won’t need the mirror any longer.


A piece of black poster board behind a potted plant will allow you to see the plant’s aura and like your own aura you can manipulate the energy somewhat by touching it with your finger (or the aura around your finger).


Another thing I have found is that auras show up really well under black lights – real ones like they have in clubs, not the ones from the $1 store so much.



Julian Assange, Sun and Uranus Poster Boy

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