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Do You Know What Your Astrology Sign Means? - Horoscope Yearly

Do You Know What Your Astrology Sign Means?

Horoscope Yearly

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Do You Know What Your Astrology Sign Means?Do You Know What Your Astrology Sign Means?


The horoscope is a part of our lives, it’s everywhere, in the papers, on TV and every day we hear something about it. People usually read the horoscope for fun but it actually is an important tool that you can use to discover something about the people you meet.


Even if what they predict on each day isn’t every time true, each sign characteristics match most of the times. There are 12 signs, each for every month separated into 4 elements: Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn ), Water (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces), Fire (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).


Air and Fire elements need to be independent and Earth and Water like to be protected and feel secured.


Aries – this sign is full of energy and likes taking risks. They are also self centered and impulsive. Impulsive and courageous you will usually see an Aries sky diving.


Taurus – lovable character, reliable and a good partner for life this sign can be jealous and possessive but if you don’t mind that this is the best sign if you want to live a fairy tale.


Gemini- people under this sign are very smart and communicative, they love new situations and adapt well. They tend to be superficial in their actions and get nervous often.


Cancer- sensitive people with lots of emotions, Cancers are sympathetic but also very cautious in their actions. They can sometimes be very emotional and might cry often. Mood changes can make them often unbearable.


Leo – is an ambitious person who likes to take control and be their own boss. You should never try to control a Leo because you simply can’t. They can be hard to put up with but when becoming friends they are loyal and generous.


Virgo- A great analyst, Virgo likes to learn about each aspect of every situation, they like details and want everything to be perfect. Maybe too perfectionist sometimes they can become very critic and tend to be conservative.


Libra- is a romantic person who likes piece and tranquility. Libra always tries to find a non fighting way to resolve their problems. They are easy to influence and very changeable.


Scorpio – is a powerful sign with a lot of passion. They love living on the edge but they are also very impulsive and mysterious. If you want to tell someone a secret the Scorpio is the best person because they can be reliable and keep a secret.


Sagittarius – it’s very optimistic and likes philosophy and analyzing, but they can also be irresponsible and superficial.


The Capricorn – are very attentive and prudent and they never take any decision without analyzing the situation thoroughly. Also, Capricorns are pessimistic and tend have a negative thinking about anything.


Aquarius – an original character, people under this sign are eccentric and love unique things. You never know what to expect from an Aquarius because they are unpredictable and sometimes very mischievous.


Pisces – is the best friend you will ever have. They are caring and compassionate and never think about their self before the others. They can be very secretive and easy to control because they tend to feel sorry for everybody.


These sings can help you determine each individual characteristic but they won’t talk about their personality as each person is unique. Sometimes they match and sometimes they don’t, not all the people are the same either. Try to find out yourself how the person really is and you shouldn’t take a decision only based on the horoscope because you can be wrong.


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