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Learn About Chinese Astrology

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Learn About Chinese Astrology

Learn About Chinese Astrology


The Chinese are one of the oldest Civilizations of the world along with the Indian and the Mesopotamian (present Iraq) Civilization. The Chinese Astrology takes into account a different system of years. People are classified into various years of birth and these years are named after animals and the nature of the people is akin to the nature of the animals. So a person born in the year of the Dog might show signs of loyalty.


The art of Chinese Astrology focuses on knowledge of the self. There is a lot of focus on reading tea leaves. Tea was a Chinese invention and since the beginning people have been reading tea leaves as a form of divine prediction in China. Like Indian Astrology, Chinese Astrology too helps people determine their compatibility with other people.Each animal in the Chinese Calendar represents a 12 year cycle. The animals in the Chinese Zodiac are tiger,monkey, rooster,dragon,rat, snake, rabbit, horse, sheep (or goat), dog, pig and ox.


The origin of this system is unknown.Apart from the 12 animals there are 5 types of elements that have importance in Chinese Astrological systems – Metal, Fire, Water, Earth and Wood. This system is a lot more logical as Wood leads to Fire, Fire is the origin of Earth, Metal is born in the womb of Earth, Metal causes Water and finally Water again generates Wood. This is an interesting cycle of causality.


The cosmic and supreme divinity is important in Chinese Astrology. Most Chinese are Buddhists but many are atheists too. But almost everyone trusts in the supreme powers referred in the Astrological systems.


The most famous worldwide export of the Chinese Astrology is the system of Balance know as Yin and Yang. The symbol is a worldwide symbol of peace. It really means that everything in the world exists in pairs – pain with pleasure, heat with cold, etc. To be at peace one must ensure adequate place for both the Yin and Yang and be in a balance. The Yin stands for the feminine forces and the Yang stands for the masculine forces.


We can clearly see the practicality of this. In regions of the world where the Yin is suppressed like Afghanistan where the women are oppressed there is imbalance among the Yang and there are so many militants and terrorists.


The practical reason for this is that the wealthy people there keep many wives, the women are generally oppressed and people wish for sons and abort daughters. This leads to an imbalance in the population and the poor males are left without mates. They are then exploited by anti-social forces for use as terrorists and they make easy prey because they are already frustrated in life without the Yin element.


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