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Learn About Egyptian Astrology - Horoscope Yearly

Learn About Egyptian Astrology

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Learn About Egyptian Astrology

Learn About Egyptian Astrology


Egyptian civilization came into prominence after Egypt was conquered by Alexander in the year 332 BC. The Greek culture amalgamated with the Egyptian culture and the Babylonian streams of studies came down to Egypt and along with it came the astrological study of the Babylonian era.


The theories of Babylonian astrology were mixed with the traditional astrology of Deccan which gave birth to a new kind of astrology which was related to the horoscope. That term horoscopic astrology has been derived from the Greek word horoskopos and is related to the study of ascendant which contains the celestial houses which are divided into twelve parts.


This new system of astrology related to the horoscope that was developed in Egypt is still very popular and the calculation method that was used by the Egyptian astrologers is still being used in the modern astrological calculations. In Egyptian astrology the future of the person which was predicted in the horoscope was determined by the clerk of the planets and the stars in relation to the sun at the time when the person was born. Ptolemy a famous astronomer and astrologer in that period had developed the system of horoscopic astrology.


The western astrology is based on Tetrabiblos which is a famous work by Ptolemy. The combined domination of sun and Sirius which is known as the Dog Star can be found in Egyptian astrology. It was believed by the Egyptians that Sirius and the sun would act together at a particular time of the year and this action will cause floods. The floods would bring a total change in the Egyptian civilization as the River Nile on which the total civilization depended would turn the land into a fertile land in place of a barren desert.


The Pharaohs of Egypt were also interested in astrology especially Rameses the sixth also famous as Ozymandias was the one who had fixed the cardinal signs Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries. Rameses the second had a map engraved on this tomb which contained the details of the sky in such a way that it was possible to read the stars culmination which took place at every hour in the night in the entire year. Even the Egyptian pyramids were built in such a way that they faced the North Pole which solved two purposes that is it was used as Pharaohs burial place and also acted as the calculators for astrology.


Though most of the zodiac signs originated in Babylon but it is believed that some of the signs have originated in Egypt. The zodiac sign ram that is used for Aries has its origin in Egypt but in the same sign the head of the goose was also used by the Egyptians. Even the zodiac sign Gemini which is represented by the twins has its origin in Egypt as they have been named after the stars Castor and Pollux which the Egyptians called the two stars. The name Leo has been given by the Egyptians and in Babylonian astrology the same sign was represented by a dog.

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