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Learning Vedic Astrology

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Learning Vedic AstrologyLearning Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology or Jyotisha is greatly based upon the laws of nature combined with the cosmos, which are expressed in the unity of life. It is not relative of who you are, but instead it deals more with the karma within your life. It has been describes as the ability of any astrologer who is willing to view the behavior of an individual along with the cycles of life and their outcomes in reference to events and times.


It is an underlying intelligence that is governed by precision, but is totally different from our more modern Western Astrology, which focuses its thinking on who your are and is very logical and little space for the unknown.


Ancient civilizations are believed to have used oral translation as a method of teaching, because there is not a large amount of evidence of written materials that we have today. Ancient Hindu philosophy has stated that the older civilizations were much smarter than we are today, due to the fact that they used much more of their brain capacity. In fact, they felt that modern man would be a genius if he used ten percent of his brain. Still these ancient civilizations left man several mysteries that modern man with all his available technology has not yet been able to understand or comprehend.
There has been a huge renaissance surrounding the vedic astrology, which began from the start of memorizing the planets all the way to how their special movements affected nature and man. Prior to the first books on vedic astrology oral teachings were extremely effective and efficient as students were able to remember over ninety percent what their teachers taught with one hundred percent comprehension. With the introduction of books students began relying more on being able to fall back on being able to look the information up, which was the only down to books.


Vedic Astrology originated in India over seven thousand years ago and it is an ancient integral building tool created through the wisdom of the Vedas for a life of happiness. The Vedic Astrology is also known as Jyotisha an ancient science of a timeless universe, which can be found in many vedic books.
Throughout the ages there have been a variety of books covering the subject of vedic astrology, in fact the origin of these systems came from the Vedas. The first book produced and is considered to be the oldest books known to man, which is approximately four thousand years old was a book entitled, Vedic Sciences. These are actually some of the most important scriptures from India, and Vedic does means knowledge, which encompasses the earthly phenomena past, present, and future.
Vedic astrology books informs its readers of the knowledge and the importance of this ancient work. It is the analysis and the forecasting system that on astronomical facts and data. This information allows individuals the ability to analysis this information so they can get a better understanding of movements of the planets and how it effects the behavior on man in the past, present, and in the future. Astrology is an essential that mandates man and nature to be combined and live in harmony with one another to prevent suffering and increase growing opportunities.


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