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Leo Love Compatibility - Horoscope Yearly

Leo Love Compatibility

Horoscope Yearly

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Leo Love CompatibilityLeo Love Compatibility


When it comes to love and relationships, Leo people are very much passionate. They prefer to be extremely loyal to their partners and wish their partners to be the same. As a husband or a wife they have a tendency to make their relationship work perfectly and they also like to improve their house and its atmosphere. They show some extra care and passion to their lovers and never mind to put in some extra effort to improve the bonding with the partner.


But at the same time unfaithfulness of the partner turns them off and they will not think twice before moving out of the relation. When it comes to romantic relationships the Leo are the ones who are fiery and they attract the opposite sex easily. But they will not allow them to get much closer easily. This is solely because they do not wish to come out of their royal nature and wish to keep away from anything that hampers it.


The Leo girls have the kind of personality that many of the mist ill-behaved guys also behave decently with them. As a matter of fact the Leo partner can be a good and faithful one if you are giving them the right to make all the decisions. This means that they are slightly dominating in nature. Generally they are generous enough when it comes to forgiving their lovers for their faults and mistakes but at the same time they will have a tendency to make the partners agree with what they have to say.


Leo with Aries

These two can make a perfect match as both of them are equally passionate and fiery lovers. But the Leos are slightly more serious about their relationships. Both of you admire each other but rarely show off the emotions because of that little self-centered attitude. But the overall compatibility is good.


Leo with Taurus

Both of you value each others nature and approach. Though this is possible that your partner is possessive at times but they are always loyal to you which hold a lot of importance in your life. But the lovers from these two sun shines have a tendency too stick to a relationship.


Leo with Gemini

They are fun loving and kiddish when it comes to the love affairs. Generally you two are going to make playful lovers but at the some time you will feel unsecured about the faithfulness of your partner.


Leo with cancer

The Leo lovers are naturally passionate and they love variations and excitement in their love relationships wherein the cancers are the ones who prefer stable and settled relations. This is why some conflicts can arise in between these two lovers.


Leo with Leo

This is not easy to continue with a romantic relationship between two Leos. They are equally dominating and most of the time they will end up arguing over trivial issues.
Leo with Virgo, Sagittarius and Libra makes a good match any ways. But the relationships with the Scorpio, Capricorn are not that favorable for the Leos.




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