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Why You Should Meditate - Horoscope Yearly

Why You Should Meditate

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Why You Should Meditate


This sums it up in a nutshell.  Meditation is you proactively taking control of your mind and emotions.  It allows you to clear stress, strengthen your insights and gives you clarity and focus.


So imagine that you have exercised your meditation muscle and you’ve discovered it is easy to slip into that tranquil state in order to start your day fresh and clear.  Suddenly at work, a huge opportunity presents itself.  Where you would usually get emotionally excited and start bouncing off ideas at the possibilities, you’ve now suddenly stopped being aware of the moment and your judgment becomes clouded.


Now imagine that you know that this is a big decision and that it is important to give the right answer as calmly and as quickly as possible.  You immediately have a seat in the boss’ office, but in your head, you are not sitting in his uncomfortable guest chair.  You are in your room and you are performing your meditation.  You immediately bring up that spiritual clarity without all the prop and circumstance.  You are calm, you are reflection on the opportunity at hand.  You are in control.  You accept the opportunity with complete clarity.


So you should meditate for life balance.  A few minutes a day can melt away stress and provide insight on how to capitalize on new directions you can take.  Also it affords one the ability to take charge and control themselves regardless of the situation unfolding around them.


A Simple Meditation Technique

If you are wanting to get your head clear each day so you can start out right, the best thing you could do for yourself is to meditate.

Scientifically proven, people who tend to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day live happier lives.  The reason for this is that it allows you some clear down time to remove stress and focus on yourself.

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated.  What is important is that you establish a routine and that you are comfortable.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Sit comfortable with your back straight and your hands in your lap.  You can rest on the floor or sit in a chair.
  3. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Slowly inhale through your nose, hold it for a second or two then exhale from your mouth.
  4. Visualize blue healing energy entering your body when you inhale.  Visualize stress and other negative leaving your mouth as a red mist that disappears into the ground when you exhale.
  5. Don’t try controlling your thoughts, let your mind wander and make mental notes of what comes to mind.
  6. Stop when you are ready.  I suggest a minimum of 5 minutes, but 15 minutes seems to work best for me with this exercise.
When you are finished with your meditation, it is good practice to keep a journal of some of your mental notes of things your mind thought of during the meditation.  This allows you to go back at a later time and access your long term progress.

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