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Moon In Aquarius - Horoscope Yearly

Moon In Aquarius

Horoscope Yearly

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Moon In Aquarius

With the Sun Opposing Leo


We are living in auspicious times! The T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is rather fast chipping away at old structures and believes in our lives, and we just had the fireworks of a Lunar and Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago and the event of the Conscious Convergence (An event of the Mayan calendar) last weekend. All of these sign posts are helping us to understand and become really clear about our true passion for life and what it is all about.


We are asked to set our intentions and focus on contributing to others and the world we are living in. Each one of us is asked to be a vital part of the change of global consciousness, riding the exhilarating wave of higher consciousness and passion for life. You are the change you have been waiting for!


The last weekend was a poignant point in time to set your intentions for your personal growth and the changes you want to see in the world. All this is highlighted by the Full Moon in Aquarius coming weekend. A number of factors are prolonging the impact of this particular Full Moon, like Saturn re-entering Libra for good and activating the T-Square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto exactly on July 26. And Mars will be joining that already potent mix on July 29 with his Martian temperament. I will talk about that more in depth next week.


Sun Blazes into Leo

When we move month by month through the zodiac there is evolution happening through more inwardly directed energy alternating with more outwardly directed flow. The zodiac starts with Aries and the beginning of Spring; the waking up after Winters sleep to new life.


In Taurus there is consolidation and manifestation of that life thrust followed by the light hearted Gemini exploring life in all its interesting and fascinating aspects and ideas. In Cancer we are immersed with inner life, with our emotions, our close friends and family. And then we are so ready again to step into the creative flow of our personal self expression and passion for life with the Sun in Leo.


Leo is full with the optimism of life energy, the eternal promise that no matter what life will continue in so many expressions. Have you ever seen a concrete road with a tiny crack in it and grass or another plant growing out of it? Or the tree growing directly out of a seemingly solid rock face at Big Sur? Isn’t it amazing?  


This coming month with Leo you have the universal winds in your back to help propelling you forward manifesting your desires. Desires are a good! They keep us going. They inspire us to action and creative self expression. They are the motor of life!


Saturn Steps into Libra July 21

Good news for Virgos. Whatever you have been struggling with for the last 2 years will undergo a resolution and integration with Saturn finally leaving you alone. Also if you have planets in Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius you have been called to inner work and clarity with opposition or squares of the taskmaster. Saturn is not an easy transit to experience because he is traditionally challenging us to face our deepest fears, have a close look at our boundaries, tighten the belt and go to work.


But the results of Saturn transits offer us so much more clarity and wisdom then we had before we started onto this inner journey into the twilight zone. Saturn makes it all worthwhile by bringing his light and focus into the essential. Saturn reveals inner strength and dormant capacities.


Virgo is the sign for looking into details, organizing ourselves more efficiently and taking better care for our health. Therefore many of you had trouble with health problems catching up with you in the last 2 years. Whatever was not supportive for a healthy balance of a healthy soul in a healthy body had to be examined and was put to the test.


Saturn in Virgo

Whatever planets you have in Virgo needed your extra attention. For example I have my Jupiter in Virgo. For me it stimulated my research and interest of the connection between the unavoidable pollution of my body because of all the external onslaught of environmental toxins like pesticides, phthalates, plasticizer, formaldehyde, xenobiotics and different health challenges of mine.


I discovered new ways to deeply cleanse and unload toxicity with my Infra Red Sauna on a daily base in combination with coffee enemas and liver cleanses. I had nutritional and hormonal tests done to determine my level of hormones and crucial vitamins and found out many deficiencies in spite of a pretty healthy life style. I don’t eat much processed food of any kind, I eat plenty of raw, I juice, I cook mellow macro-biotic and I supplement, so it came as a surprise to me that I was still deficient in Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Progesterone.


You need to keep in mind that with daily sweating in the sauna I was loosing extra nutrients. I was aware of that and this was the reason for me to have it checked after being two month on the new regiment.


I also discovered the books by Dr. Sherry Rogers one of the few true benefactors in the health field for many people who were able to reclaim their health in spite of incurable diseases. Her basic recipe for any kind of health imbalance or disease is to restore well being by detoxifying with the Infra Red sauna and super nourishing the body with macro-biotic. Sounds easy right? Or another icon I found was Dr. Max Gerson who did miraculous cancer healing with people already 80 years ago. Same basic recipe: detoxification in his case with coffee enemas and super nutrition with raw juices and raw food.


With my Jupiter in Virgo I discovered new dimensions in the healing arts because I needed to find out about the bigger picture of my own health. It was very self empowering because I could make changes accordingly and took charge of my own health. I found deep satisfaction and excitement in those new possibilities growing out of these insights and my expanded view.


Full Moon in Aquarius July 25

Full Moons are culmination points of your emotional journey throughout all those different inner facets throughout the month of one lunar cycle. Full Moon means the uttermost reflection of the light giving energy of the Sun into deepest crevices of your inner world. This Full Moon in Aquarius is receiving the energy of the Sun in Leo.


Sun and Moon are the yin and yang, the male and the female force, the complementing forces in life. Sun as the life giving entity is radiating the force to create life and Moon is reflecting the energy, taking it into the inner world, sustaining and nourishing life.


Sun in astrology shows your self- identity, the inner place of strength you act from in your life. Sun is representing the inner and outer male figure. Sun is your self awareness and consciousness guiding you into choices and decisions. With the Sun moving through the whole zodiac throughout the year it gives you different mental perspectives onto life and guides your process of evolution as an individual and as whole humankind.


Moon in astrology on the other hand reflects consciousness evolving through your inner digestive process of your feelings and guides you more intuitively. Emotions are often unclear and hidden from the light of consciousness and might take a while to float up to conscious recognition and acknowledgment. Moon is the archetypal mother, the inner woman or outer woman, nourishing you in her unique way of being.


The Potential of the Aquarius and Leo Opposition

I believe wherever this Full Moon is touching into your chart it will have a profound impact for your soul’s journey in these challenging times. Note in which house the Full Moon falls in your chart and which aspects it is forming to personal planet. It carries the potential for integration between your inner and outer world and your visions and dreams coming to fruition.


You are also called upon extending your goodwill to others, be a role model for your beliefs concerning change for the better, taking care for your friends and neighbors, acting from a place of oneness and connectedness, taking charge and stepping up. Become a leader for what you believe in! Be the change you want to see! Grass root movements are needed to move on into the Aquarian Age, into the year 2017 with all its prophesied changes in consciousness of humankind.


I think we all agree that the old ways driven by greedy ways of the ego for power and self-gratification won’t meet the requirement of the 21st century. Mother Earth is polluted like never before and we are poisoning ourselves with it. The old economy is crashing and with it the old paradigms. We have to come up with new ways to organize ourselves on this earth looking beyond old tribal, ego driven survival instincts and make decisions based on the good for all.


What is needed is the emergence of a new consciousness and astrology is giving us much hope and understanding about the challenges ahead. It also gives us tools for coping. Here are two gemstones that can help you to balance and integrate the seemingly opposing forces of Aquarius and Leo.


An Aquarian Birthstone: the Aquamarine

Uranus infuses Aquamarine with some unusual qualities and a vision beyond our limited mind-set, making Aquamarine the Rebel among the gems. This is the gemstone of visionaries fighting for a better life, supporting goodness and necessary changes. It urges you to seek freedom and independence and to express your uniqueness.


Aquamarine is the stone of innovators, ahead of their time in many ways. It encourages you to always question your limiting beliefs with an open mind and to be willing to grow beyond them. It can help you to find your own vision and purpose in life and the courage to live them.


This unique gem connects you with the unlimited aspect of being that is found in the ocean, symbolizing the vastness of existence, the unlimited space and horizon that you experience standing on a beach or on a boat.


A Leo Birthstone: the Ruby

The Ruby is the warrior of the heart, the knight of your dreams. It touches the root chakra and the heart chakra, helping gently but powerfully to bring energy up from the first chakra to the heart. The root chakra is your connection with the earth, your grounding, ego identity, survival instincts, anger, sex drive, and life force in general.


The heart chakra is the seat of your emotions of love in all its aspects, from self-love to unconditional love. It is the site of unresolved wounds suffered in love and childhood experiences—but it is also home to forgiveness and compassion.


Thank you for stopping by our post on Full Moon is in Aquarius. We hope that you enjoyed it. Did you know that we are your online informative guide for Full Moon is in Aquarius? Don’t forget to check back with us, we add new articles, videos, and blog listings updated daily.


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