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The Nodes of the Moon Meaning In Your Birth Chart - Horoscope Yearly

The Nodes of the Moon Meaning In Your Birth Chart

Horoscope Yearly

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The Nodes of the Moon Meaning in your Birth Chart - Discover your purpose from the nodes in your birth chartThe Nodes of the Moon Meaning In Your Birth Chart


There are two types of natal charts to choose fro. First is the geocentric natal chart, which places the earth at the center of the wheel. However, there are some flaws to this method, as many astrologers argue that this makes no difference as you can place any planet in the middle of the chart.


Most astrologers prefer the Heliocentric natal chart, as it places the Sun as€ one of the most important celestial bodies in astrology- at the center of the wheel. The Nodes of the Moon in your astrology chart, that is the North Node and South Node, suggest that all people enter into this world with some underdeveloped and overdeveloped aspects of our character.


The place and the time of birth plays a big part on how astrologers calculate the birth chart. They look at the primary angles in the sky, which move with the earth, creating a birth chart with every passing moment.


Both the North Node and South Node points are located directly opposite each other. They are not considered as planetary bodies but instead, they are points that take into consideration the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth. These very important points in astrology indicate your soul’€™s evolutionary path.

The Nodes of the Moon Meaning in your Birth Chart - The North Node Compass

Suggesting personal karmic imbalance, the Nodes of the Moon work consciously on these”life lessons”which will bring us to increased happiness and fulfillment.


A difficult time of feeling personal success is experienced if people exaggerate and withdraw on the qualities of our South Node, at the expense of developing our North Node.


It has been observed that people often start to meet and work on their North Node lessons in their thirties, whether or not they are aware of the issues through Astrology. However, before this stage of our lives, we may be somewhat blind to our South Node tendencies. The South Node represents the direction you’€™re coming from, while the North Node is where you’€™re going.

The Nodes of the Moon Meaning in your Birth Chart - North node & south node through the zodiac signs
The North Node is said to be the Soul Messenger. It is said to be the only most important point in any one’€™s birth chart for it describes what your soul wants to learn and experience in this life.


It describes the evolutionary needs of your Soul. When these qualities of the North Node are acted upon we are able to heal and nurture ourselves.This is guiding us in what area of life we need to bring emphasis on and the ways to do it.


On the contrary, the South Node is said to describe the qualities from our previous life. It describes how we lived during our youth and the latent or repressed unconscious, unrecognized talents and abilities that we bring over from a former life. It also displays both the obstructive and negative qualities that our Soul wishes to eliminate.


Generally considered as your inheritance, the South Node includes karma from past lives. South Node’€™s sign and house possess insights about the instinctual behaviors and the impressed hidden history on your soul.


When you first see a natal chart, you may be confused. There are a lot of terms that are specific to a natal chart. IF you want to fully understand what your horoscope chart means, then it would be best to understand these terms.

 The Nodes of the Moon Meaning In Your Birth Chart - South node attributes

The South Node: Revealing Past Lives, Natural Abilities

The South Node reveals the gifts that you bring into this lifetime, your sweet spot, your comfort zone. You will be innately good in these areas of life, and may begin your early path based on your South Node leanings. While this can bring a sense of satisfaction, it is unlikely to elevate you to Blissville. There’s a sense of “been there, done that” in the field of South Node activities. And indeed you have: in many past lifetimes.


The key is to use your South Node as a springboard into your North Node destiny, much like an expat living abroad will always feel most comfortable speaking her native language, even if she’s lived in her new country for many years. The South Node is your horoscope hometown, perhaps not the place you want to settle permanently, but somewhere cozy to visit when you need to feel a sense of place or belonging.


The North Node: Your Destiny That’s Calling

The north node is the exact opposite zodiac sign of the south node. It illuminates the terrain that’s calling your name, but climbing to the peak of this mountain is like trekking up Mt. Everest. You’ll have to lighten up your baggage and enlist a proverbial Sherpa to get you up that hill. It’s your learning curve.


North Node activities require you to stretch out of your comfort zone. Once you do, you’ll be amazed by how fulfilled you feel. It’s like the activation of your life’s mission. The sooner you align yourself with this path, the more purpose-driven your life will become. However, you will often return to your South Node as that “ace in the hole”—kind of like returning home to your roots, even after you’ve made your way in the world.


We often think that just because we’re good at something—or it comes easily to us—that it’s what we should “do” with our lives. Yet, sometimes, the easy way doesn’t feel spiritually satisfying. Maybe you’ve taken this path enough times in past lives, and you’re ready for something new. One of our favorite books on this topic (and actually, one of the few written) is Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.


How are the nodes used in astrology?

Astrologers use the lunar nodes to determine where your destiny lies (north node) and what you were in past lifetimes (south node). The nodes change signs every 18 months approximately. People born within your same lunar node group are like your “soul tribe.” You incarnated with to learn the same lessons.


The lunar nodes are determined by the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the “ecliptic”—the apparent path the Sun makes around the earth. (We say “apparent” because in reality, the earth is revolving around the Sun…but from our vantage point on the planet, it appears that the Sun is moving.) The nodes take into account the Sun, the moon and the earth. They fall in the same signs that the eclipses are in when you’re born.


The lunar nodes help us answer questions like: What am I supposed to do with my life? Why am I here and what’s my mission? What was I in a past life?


The nodes play a powerful role in non-Western astrology. Kabbalah’s astrology focuses primarily on the lunar nodes. This system calls the north node your tikkun (“correction”) and view it as the karmic adjustment your soul must make. Vedic astrology calls the nodes the head (Rahu/north node) and tail (Ketu/south node) of the dragon and take a harsher view of the south node’s karma.


Note to parents-to-be: if you have a child around the age of 18-19 or 36-37, you’ll share the same nodes. And if you date, marry or join forces with someone 9-10 years older or younger than you, there’s a good chance they’ll have the opposite nodes. (For example, your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo). This can be a powerful but polarizing pairing—you’ve both mastered what the other one has come here to learn. If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable.


Align yourself for a lunar liftoff with the mandala astrology tarot reading. This one of a kind tarot reading unites both Tarot & Astrology to address every facet of your life and offers insight around maintaining stability and balance.

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