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Online Astrology Birthday Book

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Jade Sol Luna gives Astrology back to the Mother Goddess by Jade Sol Luna

My first memory of my interest in Astrology dates back to 1985 when I was 12
years old. My Mother would randomly talk about it growing up, and it always
intrigued me. While most kids were reading Moby Finn and Catcher in the Rye, I
was reading books on Western Astrology. I put my first chart together at the age
of 14 and gave my first reading in high school. However, I was also a football
player and genuinely interested in rock music. One of my favorite hobbies was
being a bass player in a high school band. Playing gigs broke the monotony of
everyday life and was very stimulating. I was hooked! Soon after I turned 19 I
moved out to Los Angeles to pursue my dream and I immediately was chosen to be
in a rock band, Epic, which was signed by an Indie label at the time. Within a
week I was touring and on the road; consequently, honing my skills and learning
the business of rock-n-roll. But on the side and never ceasing, was my role as
an Astrologer.

I gave a few readings a week to make extra cash, in 1993 my readings were $20 an
hour. Then before my 20th birthday, I received a big break as a musician, I
auditioned and was selected as the bassist for a band called Kill the Gods, an
up-and-coming, largely fan based rock band in Los Angeles. For two years I
played with Kill the Gods but I still gave readings on the side. Humorously, my
nickname was â€The Band Mystic’. After the big earthquake in January of 1994,
the band wanted to relocate and we decided to try the Phoenix, AZ market. We
lived there for 7 months. During this time, I started losing interest in my
life, as a musician and wanted to explore Astrology more and more. Inevitably
while browsing a spiritual book shop in Phoenix, I found the AFA, American
Federation of Astrology, and immediately sealed my membership. I researched and
found a course on Astronomy and Astrology. I will never forget the day my
Astronomer teacher asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I replied â€I think
I’m going to be an Astrologer.†He quickly said, â€When were you born?†I said,
â€May 8th.†He then looked directly at me and said, â€It is an astronomical fact,
not an opinion, that when you were born the Sun was in the constellation Aries,
NOT Taurus. Western Tropical Astrology is currently 23 degrees off the star
constellations and it is astronomically INCORRECT. Hindu Astrology and Sidereal
Astrology are astronomically perfect.†I was stunned and that very day I went
and bought my first book on Eastern Astrology, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the
Modern Western Astrologer. Meanwhile, Kill the Gods was becoming a highly
recognizable band, I was interacting with famous musicians and some notable
fans; these connections lead me to meet two very influential people who started
my career as an Astrologer: Bruce Rubin (a famous screenwriter, Oscar winner and
renown Buddhist spiritual teacher), and Courtney Cox. Literally, I became a
full-time Astrologer overnight, I was 22 years old. Surprisingly, 14 years later
I am still a full-time Astrologer.

My relationship with Bruce Rubin was three fold, I was his Astrologer, he was my
spiritual teacher and we were solid friends. Through this connection and since I
was practicing Hindu Astrology and Sidereal Astrology, I developed an intense
interest in going to India. I took my first trip there towards the end of 1995
(I also was diagnosed with “Congestive Heart Failure” at the age of 20, and
spent two years of my life thinking every day was my last day alive, after
prolonged practice of confronting death head on through the worship of Kali, the
illness disappeared ). Presently, I have been to India 34 times. My first trip
(as a suggestion from a spiritual friend) I traveled to Meherbad, India about 60
miles outside of Pune. There I met Bhau Kalchuri (my teacher to this day), a
disciple of Meher Baba and my spiritual journey started to open up in a way I
never imagined. Before my trip I felt familiar with the planetary deities
(angels) and I was practicing the traditional Hindu mantras. After my first trip
to India, I noticed a significant shift in my experiences with these beings,
they were tangible and I started seeing visions of them. I was heavily consumed
and developed a strong urge for renunciation and moving deeper into my spiritual
self. Simultaneously, my job as an Astrologer was flourishing.

During my third and fourth trip to India, I decided to learn how to become a
Brahmin Priest. I studied in Sakori, India and also in Malibu, CA. My goal was
not to be a priest, but to learn the sacred worship of the Goddess Kali. During
this time, I was still practicing Hindu Astrology (also known as Jyotish). Then
in January of 2002, during one of many trips to Meherbad, my teacher Bhau said
something life changing, something that would directly impact my career as an
Astrologer and my spiritual path. Frankly, Bhau told me about the importance of
â€living in a Western body’ and then ordered me to â€figure out what that means’.
I immediately shifted gears and started looking at â€The Yavanajataka†from a
Western mind, not an Eastern. As I began looking at Jyotish objectively, I
noticed something was missing. Over several months I started incorporating
modern Sidereal Astrology, Hindu Astrology and also prioritizing the 27 sign
system (similar to the ancient Romans). Amazingly, the system was perfect! I
implemented my new system right away, and it was like I struck gold. My accuracy
level increased, I developed a new confidence in making precise predictions, all
facets of life were revealed when looking at a chart and nothing was unforeseen.
Almost 6 years later, I formed â€Asterian Astrologyâ€.

Why the Name Asterian Astrology?

The Name comes from Hecate’s Mother Asteria, Queen of the Stars and Astrology.
The Priests of Alexander channeled her for information regarding this system of

*Please note: Hindu and Sidereal Astrology use the same time calculations but
employ different techniques for prediction. Sidereal Astrology is based upon the
actual star constellations, whereas Western Tropical Astrology has nothing to do
with the star constellations. Personally, I believe Sidereal Astrology has never
surpassed Western Tropical Astrology because the 27 signs have never been
introduced properly until â€Asterian Astrologyâ€. Scientifically, Sidereal
Astrology is the true form of Astrology, astronomers concur. I personally can
not wait to introduce this system and slowly peel off Western Astrology. In the
Yavanjataka, the priests refer to the tropical system as “UNEDUCATED”!

You are the first person in 2,300 years to actually translate this book into
it’s original Roman/Greco format. How does that feel?

Amazing, it took over 10 years, it is going to change Astrology for ever! The
fact that Astronomers from Harvard and UCLA are backing this will create alot of
damage to the modern Tropical system. This has turned into my life’s work.

Out of all paths to choose, why Kali/Hecate?

My interest in Kali (whom I now call Hecate), as I mentioned before, is based
upon transcending fear and death. This worship lead not only to profound
spiritual experience, the confronting of death head on lead to my recovery from
CHF. The places I have been in myself by being on the verge of death opened the
door to profound spiritual experiece. I actually fell completely head over heels
with this Goddess. I was in love and still am. What I converted this worship to
a Roman/Greaco format, the intensity and Love for this goddess increased two
fold. I realized Hecate was always there and she chose me not vice versa. I also
have no choice through what I have personally been through to understand her.
The belief is, if you have fear, you can never have peace, conquer fear and
peace is everlasting. 15 years of this path has changed my life, I feel a great
need to express this path due to the amount of fear on this planet. All the
wisdom I have gained through India, I am now pouring into a Roman/Greco path.
Shifting to the Mediterranean was originally my teacher’s suggestion, but I have
really found my home in it. Because of my intense travels to India and my
personal, heartfelt, devoted connection to Hecate, I feel centered in my journey
as an Astrologer and the possibility of helping people overcome fear.

What is the Yvanajataka?

I began studying â€The Yavanajataka†in India around 1998, which assisted my
understanding of Jyotish. I learned at that time that it was taught by the
Greeks. Nowadays, one can research it online and find the same information I
came to learn ten years ago.
Reference directly from http://www.wikipedia.com:

The=C 2Yavanajataka (Sanskrit for “Saying (Jataka) of the Greeks (Yavanas)”) is
the earliest writing of Indian astrology. It is a translation from Greek to
Sanskrit made by “Yavanesvara” (“Lord of the Greeks”) in 149â€150 CE, under the
rule of the Western Kshatrapa king Rudrakarman I, and then versified 120 years
later by Sphujidhwaja. The original Greek text is thought to have been written
around 120 BCE in Alexandria. It is India’s earliest Sanskrit work in horoscopy.
It was followed by other works of Western origin which greatly influenced Indian
astrology: the Paulisa Siddhanta (“Doctrine of Paul”), and the Romaka Siddhanta
(“Doctrine of the Romans”).
FYI- â€The Yavanajataka†has not been practiced by a Westerner in over 2000
years. There ARE other Lunar Astrologers and Eastern Astrologers in the West,
but because every system of Astrology is very strict and inflexible, no one has
traveled outside their tradition or incorporated other systems. If so, I believe
we would have some knowledge of it by now, or at the least I would have heard
about it from my clients.

â€Why did the 27 sign system cease to be used in the Judeo Christian world?â€

The system was Lunar and based upon the Greek and Roman Goddess Hecate (noted in
the book â€Lunar Astrology†written by Alexandre Volguine), and similarly, also
influenced by the Gods and Goddesses. Catholicism ostracized anything based upon
the Moon or feminine power.
Catholicism possibly allowed the 12 sign system (a.k.a. the Solar system) to
survive because God the Father was perceived as the Sun.

So, how is the â€Asterian Astrology†system more accurate?

This system has three personalities in each sign (Palaces). As an example, we
have three types of Leo’s. We have the â€Prosepina†Leo, the â€Bacchus †Leo and
the â€Hymenaeus †Leo. For instance, the Prosepina Palace represents the â€head’
of the lion, and deals with power, authority and business. Bacchus Palace is the
â€heart’ of the lion and reflects creativity, unity and popularity. Hymenaeus
Palace is the â€tail and the back legs’ of the lion and expresses devotion,
fortitude and unity. The method of prediction in this system combines Hindu and
Western techniques. I have also created a new form of prediction called â€Stella
Astrology†and my plan is to introduce it in Volume II. We need a more advanced
system because I believe Western Astrology is in a RUT! We cannot keep the
belief that everyone born the same month will have the same material outcome (as
they hypothesize in Western Astrology).

In the following pages you will find the 27 Palaces (signs) in the system of
â€Asterian Astrologyâ€. Each Palace is based on the placement of the moon in a
person’s chart. In my system, the Moon embodies the natural expression and
reflects the emotional life of a person. FYI- Each Palace contains a symbol; the
book itself will include actual pictures of each symbol. The Sun is listed, but
is secondary to the Moon.

I’m very much interested to collect other people reviews and publish that information publically.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Jade-Sol-Luna-gives-Astrology-back-to-the-Mother-Goddess/936682

online astrology birthday book

Birth Card: The Basic Foundation of the Destiny Card Science

To understand the science of the cards, the first thing we need to learn is about your Birth Card. It may have some resemblance to birth astrology but this one uses the cards of destiny as the basis. Essentially this is the card that was governing the day you were born. It is the first and foremost symbol of you and your life. There are other cards that also symbolize you but this one is first and primary. And it gives you a ton of information about you. Many people have discovered their life’s purpose simply by reading about themselves in my book, Love Cards. Others have made very lucrative and prosperous planning decisions using my other book, The Cards of Your Destiny. Let’s get you started learning what your card is.

You could, if you want, just go to my web site and do the Free Online Reading to find out what your Birth Card is along with a little about it. It can also give you future predictions based on your birthday. But today I am going to show you the formula that you can use to do this anywhere, any time.
By the way, this formula was a time-honored verbal tradition for centuries. It was never recorded until just recently, and was passed down from generation to generation as part of a ritual of attainment. I hope you enjoy using it and appreciating the gift it represents.
Here is the formula in a nutshell:
55 – ((Month # times 2) + Day #) = the solar value of your Birth Card.
Let’s do a quick example to illustrate this. We will take Angelina Jolie’s birthday which is June 4th. June is month number 6 so we take 6 and multiply it by 2 to get 12. Then we add her day of birth, 4 to it to get 16. Subtracting 16 from 55, we get the solar value of her Birth Card as 39.

Of course you are probably wondering how I find out that card that is, based upon that solar value. Here is a quick table to help you do just that.
Value   Card            Value    Card    
1    A of Hearts        27    A of Diamonds
2    2 of Hearts        28    2 of Diamonds
3    3 of Hearts        29    3 of Diamonds
4    4 of Hearts        30    4 of Diamonds
5    5 of Hearts        31    5 of Diamonds
6    6 of Hearts        32    6 of Diamonds
7    7 of Hearts        33    7 of Diamonds
8    8 of Hearts        34    8 of Diamonds
9    9 of Hearts        35    9 of Diamonds
10  10 of Hearts     36    10 of Diamonds
11  J of Hearts        37    J of Diamonds
12  Q of Hearts      38    Q of Diamonds
13  K of Hearts      39    K of Diamonds
14  A of Clubs       40    A of Spades
15  2 of Clubs        41    2 of Spades
16  3 of Clubs        42    3 of Spades
17  4 of Clubs        43    4 of Spades
18  5 of Clubs        44    5 of Spades
19  6 of Clubs        45    6 of Spades
20  7 of Clubs        46    7 of Spades
21  8 of Clubs        47    8 of Spades
22  9 of Clubs        48    9 of Spades
23  10 of Clubs      49    10 of Spades
24  J of Clubs         50    J of Spades
25  Q of Clubs        51    Q of Spades
26  K of Clubs        52    K of Spades

0 is the Joker – I will speak more about the Joker in a later lesson.
From this chart you can see that Angelina Jolie is a King of Diamonds. Now take your birthday and calculate your Birth Card.
This table above is very easy to memorize. Essentially the solar value of any card is its position in the deck when the cards are arranged in their natural order. The natural order is from the Ace to the King, starting with the suit of Hearts, then Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. With a little practice you can do this entire calculation in your head and be able to know people’s Birth Card the moment you meet them. Later, as you learn the system more or when you start doing cards reading, you will find this very handy.

About the Author

Eric John Kingston is an article marketing assistant of Robert Lee Camp. Robert is the number one teacher, author, and authority alive today in the realm of card science. He has written over 15 books about this amazing science and has personally performed several thousand readings for individuals and for businesses and corporations. Get a free online reading and learn more about this card science at http://www.7thunders.com.

online astrology birthday book/


online astrology birthday book/

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