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Origin of the Zodiac Symbols - Horoscope Yearly

Origin of the Zodiac Symbols

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Origin of the Zodiac Symbols For the 12 Zodiac SignsOrigin of the Zodiac Symbols

For the 12 Zodiac Signs


Symbols are called symbols because they represent something that has meaning. Instead of understanding something through their nature or name, they are given specific symbol to add mystery and meaning to what is already mysterious to an ordinary person. Zodiac is one of the many things in the earth that has a broader meaning and that people give significant representation. Zodiac symbol and their meanings are fascinating. Some even use their own zodiac to represent their personality or to use it as their prior identity.


However, not many people know or understand the true meaning of their Zodiac symbol. Some are plain interested because it has something to do with their personality or with their life. Zodiac symbols are composed of twelve signs and they are different from one another because they have their own particular meaning.


Many symbols represents the actual purpose and nature of the particular zodiac, and these symbols that zodiac signs represents are called glyphs. Zodiac originated from many countries€™ belief, like in China, and in Europe, especially in Rome, in which it is used to convey stars and celestial meaning.


Glyphs purpose is to quickly identify the sign. This is true for astrologers to be able to instantly recognize each sign by its glyph. Depends on the date of birth, a person will fall into one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Below are some quick representations of the twelve signs:


Aries -€ the Ram. It represents the first sign of the zodiac and it simply point to people who are under the fire sign.


Taurus -€ the Bull. Second of the zodiac sign, and is on the earth sign. It deals with the ruling of planet Venus on it.


Gemini -€ the Twins. Third sign of the zodiac and has an air sign which is ruled by planet mercury.


Cancer -€ the Crab. The first water sign in the Zodiac. With the symbol Crab and is shown in an upright position making its pincers easy to see.


Leo -€ the Lion. The upright Leo zodiac symbol also represents the deep inner faith and confidence that Leos often posses. They are also from the fire sign.


Virgo -€ the Virgin. The Virgo Zodiac Symbol represents the highest truth for Virgo people. People born between the dates of August 22nd and September 21st fall under the sign of Virgo, the symbol of which is the virgin, or a depiction of a woman. Perfectionist Virgos are an earth sign, ruled by the planet Mercury.


Libra -€ the Scales. Ruled by the planet Venus as well and is the seventh sign on the zodiac. It has an air sign with it and it denotes a symbol of scales.


Scorpio -€ the Scorpion, eight sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet Pluto, and it has the same water sign just like Cancer.


Sagittarius -€ the Archer, third fire sign. And it denotes the symbol of an archer. Bow and arrow ready. The Sagittarius zodiac symbol represents the centaur, a unique being whose lower half is that of a horse and the upper half is that of man equipped with a bow and arrow


Capricorn -€ the Sea Goat, the Capricorn zodiac symbol itself consists of a ‘V’ shape connected to a curved line inward which in turn is connected to a circle. The ‘V’ shape stands for the merging of authority and responsibility with the energetic passion of spirit. The Planet Saturn rules this sign.


Aquarius -€ the Water Bearer. The penultimate sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is an air sign, symbolized by the water carrier, or a woman bearing a pot. Instead of water, however, it is actually knowledge being poured out upon humanity


Pisces – The Fish. Two fishes swimming in opposite directions from one another represent the Pisces zodiac symbol. This symbolizes the strong internal pull of duality that many Pisceans often face. Neptune, Jupiter, are the two ruling planets.


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