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Retrograde Planets

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Retrograde Planets and It's Effect on our HoroscopesRetrograde Planets and It’s Effect on our Horoscopes


How many people did you hear talking last month about technical problems, car breakdowns, meeting delays, contracts unsigned and other uproars that impact the flow of life? What could they possibly have in common with each other? It’s quite basic, my friend. Several times a year, the planet Mercury goes into a retrograde mode. It impacts all of the above and many other things that have to do with movement, flow and getting things started.


Mercury, the Roman God is Associated with Travel, Communications + Luck

Three (and sometimes four) times a year, the planet Mercury appears to go into a pattern of retrograde where it looks like it is going in reverse! Imagine the consequences of attempting to initiate something in the realm that Mercury is known for – when the planet is going in reverse.


There is a period of time before it goes retrograde, when it is slowing down. Once the reversal has completed (usually about 3 weeks), then it slowly begins its forward movement again. All of this can impact new beginnings.


In Astrology, a culture and the chart of each person is significantly affected by the spin (or wobble) and movement of the planets. Most often, the planets rotate on their forward path and then there is a period wherein the planets slow and appear to have stopped moving together which is called €the stationary period€. This stationary planet once found in your chart generally signifies a good fortune.


Planets appear to be spinning backwards after resting in a stationary position from our perspective here on Earth. It’€™s a phenomenon that means the planet is in retrograde and this can have an inverse effect on the world which sometimes reversing situations and changing our feelings and regular activities. This can tell of an individual or cultural passive aggression, an internalizing of the surrounding environment and the skewing of emotional or physical communication.


The effects of planets in retrograde vary depending on your own unique horoscopes, but the descriptions below reveal some of the more common attributes of planets in retrograde and their characteristics in general and for the individual.



It’s retrograde is perhaps best known of all retrogrades. It greatly affects the communication in planet’€™s pull. During its retrograde motion, individuals may find their message is better conveyed through another less familiar medium. These messages may be misunderstood, whispers may be overheard and mail or email may be misdirected.


This also means that those who are usually constrained by public speaking may have moments of clarity, while those giving a public address may be dramatically misquoted. Zodiac signs under this retrograde motion find it a good time to explore new outlets of communication but choose your words carefully.


  • Venus -€ Its retrograde forces us to take an examining eye to our romantic relationships. Suppressed feelings are expected to the surface, and we may reevaluate what we want and where we seek it. Financial issues are also expected to step into the limelight.


  • Mars -€ Its retrograde causes anger and discord to turn internal. Inner angst, passive aggression, stress and anguish are all attributed to this planet in retrograde. It turns emotion inward rather than release them in a healthier manner can cause anger and hatred to be misdirected.


  • Jupiter -€ It is known as a social planet so its actions affect people in a very holistic manner in which we reevaluate our ethics as a society. It is great time for travel, as plans are likely to cave in on themselves. It focuses more on the similarities and trends that span the globe than on the individual.


  • Uranus -€ Under its motion is that we should expect the unexpected – effects that could yield the complete opposite or even no change at all. Surprises pop out from every corner and this can be either marvelous or startling depending on the situation.


  • Neptune -€ Its retrograde motion falls to the wayside in favor of esoteric interests and intuition wherein people begin to pay more attention to their dreams and explore more creative outlets. It is a planet of illusion and makes believe and we may see shifts in film and television or entertainment media in general.


  • Pluto -€ It is stage of fresh starts and dead ends. It is also a time of destruction and rebuilding, rejuvenation and regeneration. The abuse of power is a very large issue for people born with a Pluto retrograde in their chart.


Retrograde Planets and It's Effect on our Horoscopes

1.) Things NOT Beneficial to Initiate During Mercury in Retrograde

  • new car purchases
  • computer or phone purchases
  • signing contracts to move or purchasing real estate
  • and more


If you do any of the above and things break down and/or are not going smoothly, the answer may lie in Mercury. If you are planning to travel during this type of time period, be sure to allow extra time for unexpected delays which just may happen.


2.) How to Make Great Use of This Time Period

A great use of this time is to work on completing things that you started prior to Mercury going retrograde. It’s also good for working on your Feng Shui, declutter projects or spending time self-nurturing. Reviewing your past and inner seeking is also beneficial during retrograde times.


3.) To Sell or not to Sell?

If Mercury retrograde is approaching, I usually suggest taking that time to purge. Once the planet goes direct, and even after its slower forward movement, one can then sign contracts or enter into negotiations. Of course, life cannot stop, but doing the best you can to practice patience will go a long way toward reaching your goals!


4.) Moving Forward

Now that Mercury is in its direct phase again, (it went direct February 28th) it’s time to move forward! Spring is around the corner and this is a great time to start those new projects. By moving forward without hesitation, you’ll accomplish much more without concerns. The next retrograde begins June 7 and continues through July 2. Remember to plan appropriately and enjoy the next phase!


Please keep in mind that Astrology is a guide, not a god so it is not a belief system but merely suggests methods by which we may live our lives to the fullest. If you are looking to your zodiac signs for guidance, keep in mind that a proper reading such as your own unique astrological chart s the sum of all of its parts.


Finally, if you ever want to know if Mercury is in retrograde, you can check online HERE. Be sure to bookmark this page if ever in doubt.


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