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Role of Indian Astrology In Remedial Measures - Horoscope Yearly

Role of Indian Astrology In Remedial Measures

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Role of Indian Astrology In Remedial MeasuresRole of Indian Astrology In Remedial Measures


The Role of Indian Astrology In Remedial Measures – This is a Universal fact that nobody can stops any threat to come in this Universe but we can minimized risks by taking some preventive measures.  However it is solely the caution of a person whether he wishes to save or minimized risks himself.


In the same way an astrologer can analyze birth chart by using depth of his knowledge of Indian Astrology and could predict good and bad phases in any person’s life. According to the Indian Astrology it is said that one should work most or do his most important things in his favorable time and do some precautions when his bad time is on peak.


In order to minimize the bad effects some curative measures are also recommended. Thus it is believed that the sufferings of a person may be minimized if he performs the relevant remedial measures on routine basis.


Practically this has been observed that a person who is not going to get any sort of relief on account of his sufferings generally does not perform the curative measures. As matter of fact curative remedial measures provide person relief from his problems on account of affliction in his birth chart on the base to Indian Astrology.


We always prefer to take suggestion from the Astrologers having knowledge about Indian Astrology to make your life a better one.


According to the Indian Astrology, what would happen to a person in this life is predetermined and a lot depends on the deeds i.e. what we have done in our past life. The relevance of ‘free will’ is a matter of debate. However Astrologers believe that almost 70 percent of what would happen to us may be predicted by blending various principles of Indian Astrology.


The remaining thirty percent is the critical factor and created by our present deeds and may be controlled by taking rational decisions and putting in efforts in the appropriate direction as per demand of the situation. Here this is important to mention that Indian Astrology is the only science that provides us the guidance to improve this critical factor comprising of the thirty percent.

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