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Romance Horoscope - Horoscope Yearly

Romance Horoscope

Horoscope Yearly

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Romance HoroscopeRomance Horoscope


You’ve all read them in the papers, your daily horoscope, detailing whether you’ll be lucky in love today or that perhaps you just might want to slow down that steamy office romance that he started a few weeks ago.


Just about everyone reads their romance horoscope, whether they believe in them or not, because most of the time, a romance horoscope is just plain fun. Still, many believe and seriously consider what is contained in a romance horoscope, whether it comes from the daily newspaper or it’s offered through a psychic reading.


Starting with the basics, most people in the Western astrological world use the Zodiac as their horoscope. Eastern astrological signs are different and animals are used to represent romance horoscope signs.


The Zodiac as applied in Western astrology can even go so far as to determining what Zodiac signs are compatible with yours. If you’re interested in a romance horoscope, it’s best to become somewhat familiar with the signs and personalities associated with each Zodiac figure. For example, those born from April 21 to May 21 are generally considered to be born under the astrological sign of the bull, or Taurus. Be advised however, that these dates follow the ‘Tropical Zodiac‘ format.



A tropical date is used mostly in the United States and Europe and uses the hemisphere as a separation guideline. A sidereal zodiac uses the sun and star alignments as a guideline and is used mostly in India. This date format will give the same Taurus sign as being May 15 through June 14. But that’s not all. The astronomical date for Taurus is actually May 14 through June 21. If you try to figure out those romance horoscope options, then you are serious about your readings.


How romantic is your zodiac sign?

Check the info-graphic below and see where your sign stacks up!

How romantic is your zodiac sign?

Regardless of the dates, each romance horoscope sign is given an element. Still using Taurus as an example, their element sign is Earth. A Ram’s element is fire, a Gemini is air, and a Scorpio is water. More than one astrological romance horoscope can be the same element and that’s where the love matching comes in.


Temperaments can also be determined using a romance horoscope and the various energies and element that are associated with each Zodiac sign. For example, a Leo is expected to be generous, proud and theatrical. A Libra will likely be cooperative and fair. A Sagittarius is straightforward and can be rather careless. Using such information can make a romance horoscope reading much more detailed and thorough, for those who know how to take the information and relate it to their circumstances.


Many believers of astrology and romance horoscope readings believe that certain ‘signs’ or ‘elements’ belong together, or not, and that their relationship is predetermined by their signs as well.


A romance horoscope will state that an Aries matched with an Aries will experience a fervent relationship, while a Gemini matched with a Virgo will have an ‘unusual’ relationship. A Libra matched with a Pisces may experience a fairy-tale love. A zodiac love match can be made by using a romance horoscope to determine what ‘sign’s are most compatible with yours.


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