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Sun Sign Daily Horoscope - Horoscope Yearly

Sun Sign Daily Horoscope

Horoscope Yearly

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The Most Accurate Sun Sign Daily Horoscope are

Accurate Daily HoroscopesThose From the Transiting Planets


Sun Sign Daily Horoscope Produced from the Transiting Planets are The Most Personalized Horoscopes

They Show You How They are Working in YOUR LIFE…

These give you the most personalized daily horoscopes around.

Looking for answers as to why you feel so different on a day to day basis? One day you feel…and the next….

  • Sad, depressed, negative (saturn transit)
  • Excited, happy and optimistic (jupiter)
  • Mad, angry, spoiling for a fight (mars)
  • Passionate – turned on (mars and venus)
  • Obsessive (pluto)
  • Loving, nurturing (venus, moon)
  • Spacey, can’t concentrate? (mercury/neptune)
  • Changes from out of the Blue (uranus)


When a transiting planet makes contact to one of your natal planets there is a release of energy. This energy influences you on a daily basis and creates the emotions and events that occur in your daily life. Emotions and events can come FROM you or they can come AT you.

When people read their daily horoscopes in the paper they’re based solely on the sun sign. You and millions of people have the same horoscope for that day. Well, there’s an even better method, and it is specific only to you.

The day you were born, the first breath you took, all the planets the sun, moon, and the angles stood still and created the entity that is YOU, your birth chart. Since that moment however, the planets kept on moving – all at different speeds. On a daily basis one or several make an aspect (an angle) to one of your natal planets, and depending on the planet making the contact, and the angle, will depend on the type of energy released.

Transiting Saturn squaring/opposing any part of your chart most likely will create a feeling of sadness/blues/negative thinking. However, when it is making a more harmonious aspect you will feel more stable/productive/get organized and clean out those closets and balance your checkbook kind of feeling.

Transiting Mars is the one to look out for. When squaring or opposing any planet/angles you may feel a bit of anger/frustration/accidents/arguments/road rage/ etc – and it can be either from yourself or from someone else. On the other hand, when it is in a harmonious (trine/sextile) aspect you will feel a burst of energy/passion/productive get things done NOW kind of feeling, and it’s also great for athletics.

And one last example is Uranus, the planet of separation, reversals, change, moving, divorce, upsets – when it is aspecting in a challenging way.

But it can also be liberating, exciting, spontaneous, and hey, change is good when you are wanting it! It’ll give you the “courage” to make changes.

Every planet and even some other astrological points (asteroids, nodes) influence your daily horoscopes. . You can even LOOK AHEAD to see what kind of influence is heading your way !

So you can make the best of it and be aware…You know what they say “to be forewarned is to be forearmed “
This is the purpose of knowing your daily horoscope.

You always have a choice in how you deal with any transit, there are negative ways and there are positive ways. One example here would be when you are feeling really angry (mars transit), you can either cause a fight or you can run around the block a few times to let off some steam! (then you can come back and say what you need to say in a more relaxed manner) Energy is energy, and all emotions are energy. You decide how you will use this energy.

One other point is, the faster moving planets make contacts that affect your everyday life on a relatively short time basis, however, the slower moving planets make longer lasting change and these are the ones to look at deeply to understand the affect they are having on your life over a longer period of time.

It is very common for an astrologist or therapist to gain new clients when there is a long term transit working in someones life, especially when the outer planets are making contact to the personal astrological points (sun, moon, mercury, ascendant). This can come from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. Look for these in your daily horoscope so you can have awareness as to what is going on, and be proactive in the process of your life…


Find best Person for you

Gain Great Insight With Love Horoscopeswith Horoscope Compatibility


The guys have been around for ages over one year of love. How to find the right lover is never closed. The man is used to help in witchcraft, magic, feng shui, tarot cards, debit cards, a golf ball, all possible tactics, in order to know which lasts a great partner in life. Some have even increased over the selection of astrology and horoscopes. Can finally find a partner and take advantage of favorable factors, much better?


Let’s do it for a short distance, a horoscope compatibility may be time to enter into a true love. Compatibility with the symptoms can be a big important part of the horoscope supplements arena. If not just the compatibility of the few symptoms that emotionally charged romance could decrease the number. This is due to the fact that there are signs that can be emotionally very difficult to like. Directly affect the feelings contrary to the poles. Some of these is to find out for themselves.


Many astrology sign is mentally strong, and some normally off. You are unable to use the emotional baggage. Visit perfect harmony you need to find a partner if the alert confirms astrology good complement yours. It should be a symptom of listening to the horoscope compatibility with the one you have. In typical signs should be within the astrologer chart or graph to be harmonious and communal.


Horoscope compatibility with almost all begins special emotional intelligence of their peers. The add-on for the task of learning ability or compatibility may be emotional, communication, and helped coordinate a beneficial power of astrology is generally reflected the way people share thoughts with their soul mates.


General astrology are not dependent solely around the Sun sign, it includes indicators of our world and graphic measures such as not less than an astrologer. But do not be too idealistic. It is not a factor to see that 100% compatibility. It’s a way to beat a compatibility which allows a relationship elegant. Even if it’s really dangerous places, even if the compatibility is very common with the aforementioned, may not have thought of pessimism. It’s still an excellent opportunity for interested parties to ensure success. Horoscope of compatibility indicates that a number of benefits as part of your wedding will certainly win the challenges.


You can see signs of a portion of your horoscope for the tabloids, and is the most convenient session. Astrological compatibility conditions are the most sought after are looking for partners around the feasibility of your support.


If you find a good match of the Zodiac, usually beneficial energies now combine properly. Competent specialists in particular that any difference could be the first to admit that this cannot be truly recognized as a really accurate horoscope match due to some clashes in the sun signs. Again, the compatibility is really respected for the people involved, although this information can make a difference Zodiac significant.


You can see signs of a portion of your horoscope for the tabloids, and is the most convenient session. Horoscope and astrological compatibility conditions are the most sought after are looking for partners around the feasibility of your support.

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