Virgo Love Compatibility

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Virgo Love CompatibilityVirgo Love Compatibility


Compatibility with other zodiac signs

  • With Aries – Aries is very impulsive whereas Virgo needs time. Aries insists on being the boss and Virgo gets very critical.


  • With Taurus – Both are thrifty and intellectually compatible.


  • With Gemini – Both Mercury rules these Zodiac signs and they have a mental approach to life. But both do not find any likeable qualities in each other.


  • With Cancer – Another good match. Though Cancer is emotional and Virgo is very analytical, Cancer’s struggle for financial security finds gets good nod of approval from the steady Virgo.


  • With Leo – Virgo is prudent whereas Leo is a spendthrift. Leo likes to live life at large and Virgo is very conservative.


  • With Virgo – Both share several similar interests but there will be a constant battle for who gets to be the leader.


  • With Libra – Virgo finds Libra to be very shallow and too entertainment loving. But Libra may find a way to tap into Virgo’s inner sensibilities and this relationship may not result in any long-term commitments.


  • With Scorpio – Virgo find comfort in Scorpio’s possessive nature. Both may have trouble expressing their true feelings but eventually they will work things out.


  • With Sagittarius – Hardworking Virgo fins nothing in common with the adventurous Sagittarius.


  • With Capricorn – Both are hard working, steady and realistic. This is a goof pair.


  • With Aquarius – Aquarius is always interested in other people and what they achieve, think and so on.. Virgo is about self-achievement. This pair may not make it.


  • With Pisces – Pisces is an emotional sign whereas Virgo is a mental sign. This may not be a good match.


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