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What is a Natal Chart? - Horoscope Yearly

What is a Natal Chart?

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What is a Natal Chart?

What is a Natal Chart?

A Natal Chart is a symbolic representation of the state of the sky, the planets of our solar system and the orientation of the Earth at the exact time of the event observed.
It is necessary to know the exact location and time of the event which sought to map the sky. The theme information on the strengths of native strengths and conflicts that have to be solved. So it can adjust its behavior with some awareness of very subtle aspects of his personality. It allows you to dissect and explain the various internal mechanisms, including sometimes the native himself is the victim.


According to an ancient esoteric tradition, the man in the middle is in analogy with the Earth in the cosmos by studying the macrocosm, the positions and planetary cycles, so we may have an indication of the human microcosm.


The theme is then composed of a wheel, divided into 12 sectors representing the signs of the zodiac, celestial decor, and houses, land decor. From this drawing thus obtained, the different strengths will act according to their nature, influenced by the different sectors where they are: this is called aspects, which may for example be in opposition, square, in conjunction.
The calculation of the house system, that is to say the 12 astrological houses, it will determine the ascendant, which represent more than the inner life of the native.


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