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Which Tarot Deck To Choose

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Which Tarot Deck To ChooseWhich Tarot Deck To Choose


Whenever any person thinks of using tarot cards he will definitely go for the best tarot cards available in the market. But the term best cannot be used for any of the cards because it is a relative term. Any deck of cards can be best for one tarot reader and the same deck can be worst for another reader. It can also be said that one deck of cards are easier to understand than the others or may be more popular than the other one.
Generally a beginner goes for any random deck of cards and sees that they work for him but that can be a difficult task for anybody. Every person has got his own preferences for choosing a tarot deck. On an average some are decks are believed to be easy for a novice to start the tarot card reading.


The most easy tarot deck considered nowadays is Rider Waite Tarot Deck. This tarot deck is not very old and was designed for the purpose of creating a deck of cards which is simpler to understand for the beginners. The symbols, colors present on this deck of cards are easy to understand and interpret.


The second most important thing about using these decks of cards is that there is so much literature available for these decks of cards that learning to use this deck for a new reader becomes quite easy. The other two decks of cards that can be used at the start are Llewellyn deck and Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot.


Although the former one is believed to be easy to understand but the drawback is that for understanding this tarot deck there is not much literature available and latter one is considered to be very difficult to understand. You need to have deep knowledge to interpret the meaning of symbols present on the cards of this deck. But this is a very popular deck among the tarot card readers.
Apart from choosing this deck of cards any other deck can be chosen by a beginner but certain things should be kept in mind. With a so much variety of tarot decks present one has got lot of choices to go for the type of artwork present on the cards which they like. One can go for different colors, pastels he likes or which suits his personality and style.


If anyone has got special admiration for artists he can go for the deck of cards inspired by his artwork. It completely depends on one’s choice to go for the deck of tarot cards because if we have got the cards of our choice it will definitely inspire us to make best efforts to understand what is actually a tarot card reading is.


There are small to big differences between different deck of cards available in terms of symbols present on them, in their meanings, in the names of cards and in the positions of cards present in the deck. But a beginner should not go in these types of details but he should understand the meaning of cards present in the deck. It is also important to understand that the meaning of same card varies from reading to reading. So a beginner should be very careful while giving any interpretation for a particular situation. It has also been found that the same card from different deck has different meaning depending on the type of deck of cards chosen.


The tarot deck one has chosen should get synchronize with the mind of a person and if it starts working with it the tarot reading becomes quite easier. Sometimes people after choosing the deck of cards still come to know that it is not working for them there is still a choice to go for another deck. One should ask the experienced people to ask for any special recommendations for choosing deck of cards. One can also go for reviews on the internet. It can take little effort to find the perfect deck but don’t stop till you succeed.


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