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Astrology of the Soul - Your Souls Purpose - Horoscope Yearly

Astrology of the Soul – Your Souls Purpose

Horoscope Yearly

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Astrology of the Soul - Your Souls PurposeAstrology of the Soul

Your Souls Purpose


Aries:You born to develop the traits of The Warrior. Therefore MOST of you had a battle to fight as a child. As an Arian you often feel alone in your fight. If you have an Earth or Fire sign Moon or connection to any other planet in you chart-this will indicate that you have strong and reliable Warrior skills developed from a past life.


If you have aspects to other planets that are from Earth or Water signed planets, this indicates a challenge in which you have the opportunity to ground and balance your warrior side. Learning how to wisely pick your battles making life’s journey smooth!


Taurus:You are here to learn to ground yourself-get in touch with mother earth-material world and the self. Often Taureans will do this by gaining material wealth, connecting the body with the rhythm of music, gardening and cooking. As a child the little bull found him/herself raised with 0ne or two parents that focused on the material World.


If you have negative aspects to you sun sign you will see where your struggles lie. Knowing the House you sun is in determines the area in your life you focus your material need in.


Gemini:The teacher and the student. Always needing to learn, gathers just enough information to share with others. Through conversation, teaching, news, radio,many forms of communication the Gemini use to show other what they feel others should know.


Squares or oppositions will indicate what will challenge the Gemini Twin, and how others may not respond well to this ALL KNOWING soul. As a Gemini you can enlighten others by passing on the knowledge you gather. Without expectation on how it is received.


Cancer- You are here to learn that feelings exists and what forms they take. Therefore you will find that as a child you where surrounded by many emotional beings, in emotional situations, Many females and water signs. As a cancer you will find you get along best with females.


If you have any aspects to Air Signed Planets you will find that your main lesson is to learn that rational and feelings are two separate human reactions. Separating them can become liberating and free you of making poor decision based solely on your emotions.


Leo-Dissolving the ego’s needs and then rebuilding the ego to serve others.Most Leo’s are happiest as children and should always keep the “child’s play” attitude within them as adults-responsible of course…


Leos are proud and what areas they apply their pride is discovered by knowing what house ;your SUN SIGN is in. Leos have a love of family. Positive aspects to other planets will tell the Leo how they can use their talents to change the world. As a Leo is the centre of The Leo understands more then any, that we are all the centre of our own universe, as the Sun-Leos ruler is.


Virgo: You are here to sow the seeds of the past. In past lives you planted and nurtured a garden of talents and characteristic. Now is the time to carefully “weed” out the healthy plants. To harvest. aspects to Air and Fire signs will indicate the challenges you can have in determining what is a weed and what is a plant.


This is what many see as the analytical Virgo. And positive aspects to other planets will indicate the ability to serve and heal. Challenges from other planets indicate the Virgo struggles with self esteem and a need to be perfect.


Libra- You are the peace keepers. Here to learn what is just and fair. The areas you seek justice is determined by your sun signs house placement(by your time of birth)


Peace at ALL cost. And what is the price a Libra pays? Your positive aspects to planets will guide you to find the answers and show you how you can bring a bit of Peace to this sometimes unlawful world. Challenging aspects give the Libra the chance to learn not to lose themselves and to speak their mind.


Scorpio-Here to uncover the deeper sides to human nature. What makes us tick? why? how? One answer to WHY-is that as a new Earth Bound soul you came with some fears. Un-trusting and cautious.


WHAT is revealed in the houses your SUN and other planets occupy. Is is the first house? Then you uncover secrets of who you are and how others see you. Is it the 6th house? Then you seek these lessons while you serve others.HOW you gain trust in others is a lesson. And trusting yourself is the results.


Sagittarius: The eternal student- This life for you is filled with learning. Because you love learning. The seeker of truth. You are here to learn what you believe in -your philosophy. May be religion, may not. But your job is to seek out other beliefs as you create your own.


Many Sag children are raised in organize religions and challenge the beliefs of their parents as teens. Your Suns house placement is WHERE in life your seek and HOW your learn. You can inspire others to reach new heights-a visionary. Your purpose is to believe in your self and inspire others.


Capricorn: The boss, the caretaker, the father, authoritarian, NO? Well, these are the characteristics you will try on in this life. You are often challenged by a bossy father or mother, a controlling influence that had you rebel. Often Capis make better employers then employees, as your childhood experiences leaves you a wee bit sensitive to being told WHAT to do. The positive aspects to your Sun will help you take control of your life. Negative aspects challenge you to learn that taking control does not mean being “controlling”.


Aquarius:You may have felt like a misfit, the underdog or the odd one out as a child, As you are here to learn your uniqueness and how you can use this to be a vital part of this world. I am alone/ yet I am not alone, is a quest you will discover. Are you to discover this as a leader, a follower, within your career or in your hometown? All this will be revealed by knowing your House placements. You can be a part off the solution or part of the problem.


Pisces- Love is the only answer. This is the deep spiritual message you will learn and share. Pisces are often most in touch with the Soul Self then any other sign. There for they need much alone time, away from others nervous energy to recharge theirs.


As a Piscean the challenges and opportunities is determined by the placement of the Sun and Neptune. Knowing this will soar your soul into another realm . With this you can channel any muse you dream of and heal others. Challenged Pisceans can laps into a daydreamed world and escape their souls purpose.

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About the Author: Holly Hall-Astrologer and Dream Expert – Holly Hall has almost twenty years experience as a professional Astrologer. Radio, newspaper,magazine appearances and columns fill her resume. With her psychic grandmother and clairvoyant mother’s legacy, Holly will propel your spiritual growth so you CAN have ALL that you desire and deserve.Holly specializes in relationship issues as well, be it family, friends, peers or a partner. She will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to have that perfect relationship and career.


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