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Zodiac Gemstones - Horoscope Yearly

Zodiac Gemstones

Horoscope Yearly

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Zodiac Gemstones


In accordance with Vedic astrology, horoscope is the basis on which gemstones are suggested. It is believed that if one wears these agreed gemstones he or she can overcome the obstacles in his/her birth chart.


These gemstones are recognized as the most important factors behind one’s success, good health and wealth. Hence the cause of failure and gloomy situation may be astrological. Sporting certain gemstones depending on your zodiac sign, called birthstone, can help you to change your lifestyle and profession for the better, offering you a pleasing relationship.

Any adept astrologer can make predictions on the following:





These birthstones are normally chosen with a view to improve one’s efficiency and to get rid of deficiency. Birthstones affect the feeble energy ground coming from all sorts of living things, where our enthusiasm and emotional behavior, fundamental thoughts, trust structure and the way of thinking reside.


If used right, the birthstone goes on constantly vibrating its effect which gets absorbed in the individual environment. The shielding atmosphere so becomes strong enough to challenge any tricky vibrations emanating from external sources.


The birthstone is based on the sun sign which is determined on the basis of the date of birth. The different sun signs are twelve in number and they have matching birthstones – in certain cases there is more than one birthstone to be chosen. The lucky gemstones or birthstones for each sun sign are identified as follows:

Aries: Garnet and Ruby are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Aries. Aries is represented by the sign of ram, an animal with spirit and great courage. Red is the brand color of Aries. It enhances their stamina and strength.



If you are going through hard times, for example, being in a new position or staying with your present job, you may wear one of these stones or keep one in your pocket. If money is your problem wear garnet – it will improve your financial position.


Taurus: The most dependable, steady and realistic member of the zodiac is Taurus. For Taurus the lucky gemstones or birthstones are Amber, Coral, Emerald, Rose Quartz and Turquoise. Additionally, there are Aventurine (Planetary Stone), Diamond, Garnet (Talismanic Stone) and Aquamarine. These stones can cleanse your harmful energies and drive you forcefully toward your ambition. They are also worn for power and good fortune.

Zodiac Gemstones

Gemini: Aventurine and Diamond are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Gemini. Gamblers wear Aventurines for good luck and others for economic achievement. Aventurines are inexpensive, yet this ordinary and economical stone is both lucky and encouraging. People with the sign of Gemini, the sign of duality, have an alternative here – one may wear Aventurine one day and Diamond on the next day. One will help you in getting education and other when you want to go up.


Cancer: Moonstone or Pearl is the lucky gemstone for Cancer. Moonstone is an auspicious love stone. This amazing stone can also bring new partners and large business prospects. Unlike other stones the enigmatic and milky white moonstone is huge. Pearl improves self-respect. With a view to feel better one may wear pearl but should remove it if their shine lessens. When its luster is diminished one should realize that its energy has been used up. One wears it for cosmic energy and to increase his self-confidence and self-worth.

Leo: Amber or Topaz is the lucky gemstone or birthstone for Leo. The gold color is linked with Leo. Basically, Amber is not a stone – it is regarded as a gem. Amber increases energies and cures your troubles, while Topaz pacifies the fire in Leo.


Virgo: Carnelian and Sapphire are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Virgo. Carnelian will help you to concentrate, motivate and turn your dreams into reality. The deep, dark red color of Carnelian has amazing protective qualities. Sapphire fetches luck. If someone wants to visualize seriously about a problem, Sapphire is his philosopher’s stone.


Libra: Lapis lazuli and Turquoise are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Libra. Lapis lazuli is the topmost gemstone so far as improving superior knowledge and inner vision are concerned. Turquoise is inspiring, relaxing and healing. Moreover it is a stone of authority and nice looks. Turquoise has the ability to make things happen.

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Scorpio: Fire opal is the lucky gemstone or birthstone for Scorpio. This stone is for vigor. The opal is also recognized as the “cupid stone” which implies it can be sacred in romance and love. Fire opal is supposed to work wonderfully in romantic affairs. The power of opal is respected.


Sagittarius: Amethyst and Sapphire are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Sagittarius. If one seeks wisdom, Amethyst will divulge in due course the answers to one’s most analytical queries. It is for good luck people wear Sapphire. The colors of both Amethyst and Sapphire are in the deep blue-purple range – a hint that one will soon experience one or more visionary dreams.


Capricorn: Onyx and Zircon are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Capricorn. Onyx is worn for defense and to protect against pessimism. Onyx is hard and enduring Onyx signifies power, but gemstone-quality zircons are relatively rare. Zircons enhance and augment good luck coming one’s way. Zircon is crystal clear while the color of Onyx is black. Taking the help from these two stones, standing for yin/yang, Capricorn can achieve all aims and overcome even the trickiest hurdles which may lie ahead.


Aquarius: Aquamarine and Jet are the lucky gemstones for Aquarius. Aquamarine is of blue-green color which fetches inspiring, soothing effects of the ocean. Jet is one-person stone because it belongs to a single person. It also results in safety and a new chance or good fate which is hidden.


Pisces: Amethyst and Azurite are the lucky gemstones or birthstones for Pisces. Pisces are highly perceptive and impulsive in nature particularly in sentimental matters. Amethyst enhances vision and converts them into practical magic. It also calms down exhausted Pisces soul. Azurite is favorable for Pisces because the energies of this stone harmonize variable moods of Pisces.


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