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12 Rulers of the Zodiac - Horoscope Yearly

12 Rulers of the Zodiac

Horoscope Yearly

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Introduction to 12 Rulers of the ZodiacIntroduction to 12 Rulers of the Zodiac


Zodiac and horoscope signs have always been part of the questions being analyzed by most people as curiosity and interest thrills out the emotions among them. While there are some who tries as much to criticize the reliability as there are others who do not and never believes in them.


Horoscopes have been part of history and that cannot be changed. In fact, even before science came along, the first few scientific predictions were considered and culled from the writings and predictions as well as interpretations about horoscopes.

Horoscopes went on different changes and modifications as well as derivations before it became what it is now. Horoscopes are part of our lives whether we believe in it or not.


Horoscope refers and talks about the position of the stars and the planets on the day the person was born in this planet. These factors help astrologers to interpret and know the horoscope sign. With horoscopes, one can get an idea about their inner and outer as well as good and bad personality, career, love, and other future predictions. And because it has established its credibility and reliability also because of the best astrologers found in this planet, there had been a number of people who look after daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes by browsing the newspaper, or looking up on the net and the like.


Horoscopes are composed of the 12 zodiac signs namely, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each has its own planetary rulers that have been classically used by many astrologers since the olden times.


Knowing the planetary ruler could help the astrologer as well as the person to be given the interpretation data and information about the information on its birth signs. The planetary ruler for each zodiac signs are Mars for Aries and Scorpio; Venus for Taurus and Libra, Mercury for Gemini and Virgo, Moon for Cancer, Sun for Leo, Jupiter for Sagittarius, Saturn for Capricorn and Aquarius, Neptune for Pisces.


Our horoscope signs are our sources that we may use in finding the predictions about our lives. These are also used to tell us about our personalities, our likes, our attributes and the like. Horoscope are there so we could figure out important details about ourselves and then the more information that we may have acquired, the more basis we have in utilizing this as a knowledge and as basis in choosing our career path in life. Through our inclinations and preferences, our career choices will be determined.


But as a warning note however, horoscopes are not determinants of the exact events that are designed to happen in our daily lives. Horoscopes are to be used as guide in our daily lives so as to help us avoid bad and misfortune events, figure out the best decision there is out of a certain problem, make the right choices, and plan for our day to make it a successful and fulfilling one.


Predictions give a glimpse or a hint or perhaps better said a clue and suggestion of how certain events are to unfold for the day that is why these horoscopes are in daily newspapers.

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