22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards

These 22 Major Arcana cards represent a journey through life from birth to enlightenment. Also known as Trumps, these cards indicate life’s significant issues. A high number of Major Arcana cards in a spread indicates that it is now a time of high importance for the questioner.
0 The Fool 1 The Fool

The focus of this card is on faith, hope, trust and contentment, high ideals and the possibility of a brighter tomorrow, choice and personal effort.

2 The Magician

The focus of this card is on new beginnings, new opportunities to use talents, love urges, finance and the future.

2 The High Priestess 3 The High Priestess

Your focus is on waiting, learning, trade, finance and negotiations, public activities or public relations

4 The Empress

The focus of this card is on feelings, emotions, self expression, socializing, or short and long distance trips.

4 The Emperor 5 The Emperor

The focus of this card is on construction and formation, or something or someone will change your present situation or present you with opportunities to enter into a new partnership or relationship

6 The Hierophant

The focus of this card is on establishments, organizations, truth and understanding, new opportunities and family structures.

5 The Hierophant
6 The Lovers 7 The Lovers

Your focus is on sudden and unpredictable changes, love, friendship, unions and meetings, choice, travel, and personnel property.

8 The Chariot

Your focus is on introspection, re-evaluation, decisions of passion and confusing issues. You will be re-examining your affairs and assessing your situation.

7 The Chariot
8 Strength 9 Strength

The focus of this card is on reaching goals, settlements, legal matters or income.

10 The Hermit

The focus of this card is on seeking and finding, completing and perfecting and problem solving.

9 The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune 11 Wheel of Fortune

The focus of this card is on conflicts of interest, unexpected developments, important news that changes or alters your course, also important news and information.

12 Justice

The focus of this card is on challenging situations in relation to business and finance, family matters that stemmed from the past, new beginnings and results or rewards for persistence and effort.

11 Justice
12 The Hanged Man 13 The Hanged Man

The focus of this card is on your life, values and the way you are thinking.

14 Death

The focus of this card is on endings and new beginnings in career, partnerships, new opportunities or a new lifestyle.

13 Death
14 Temperance 15 Temperance

The focus of this card is on things that you thought you had completed, that is old friends, lovers, habits, desires, health, money, or business problems and situations that you thought you dealt with, will arise to test you.

16 The Devil

The focus of this card is on adverse conditions or negative cycle of events.

15 The Devil
16 The Tower 17 The Tower

The focus of this card is on unexpected events or devastating conditions, financial problems, separations and divorce conflicts and loss of faith in one’s world.

18 The Star

The focus of this card is on the futures faith and what could be. You will be hurt or disappointed by harsh words, enforced estrangement and circumstances that block your development for the time being.

17 The Star
18 The Moon 19 The Moon

The focus of this card is on inner disturbances or feelings of disquiet or dread or foreboding. Situations are deceptive or changeable in whatever area is important to you at the moment.

20 The Sun

The focus of this card is on society and the public, self-image or keeping up with appearances; achievement, accomplishment, marriage unions or mergers.

19 The Sun
20 Judgement 21 Judgement

The focus of this card is on new personal relationships, new business ventures or partnerships, beneficial help, improved conditions, changes in habit and purpose.

22 The World

The focus of this card is on world issues or world shaking events, encounters and gatherings, travel, change, risks and new opportunities, but also on restriction wall or blocks.

21 The World

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