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Astrology and Horoscopes - Real or Fake? - Horoscope Yearly

Astrology and Horoscopes – Real or Fake?

Horoscope Yearly

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Astrology and Horoscopes...Real Or Fake?Astrology and Horoscopes – Real or Fake?


Astrology has always had a bad name with many scientists. Just this year astrology has been being brought into focus as a pseudo science again. Many people believe it to be a crank belief and this is normally by people who have little knowledge or understanding of it. Also they are people who are not open or willing to believe in something with little scientific proof. They may ready their daily stars in the news paper and laugh and criticize them.


The zodiac signs you read are only a very basic guide, an astrologer needs to know the time date and place of birth to give a proper natal interpretation of a horoscope which provides an absolute wealth of information.


I doubt if astrology will never be classed as a true science no more than true existence can be truly proved. However science has proved that the moon has an effect on tides and human behavior. Arnold Lieber wrote a book in 1978 called The Lunar Effect: Biological Tides and Human Emotions. He argued that the moon influences day-to-day behavior.


Those in the medical profession also agree as hospitals and the police know that more violence is committed on a Full Moon, and increase its workforce to accommodate this. There are many other instances which seem to be linked to the planets. When mercury is in retrograde (moving around a particular part of the zodiac) it is said that it affects all things to do with communications and travel.


The last belt of bad weather which hit the UK at the end of 2010 was at a time when mercury was in retrograde; this was also a time when many internet service providers and other communication devices had problems. Coincidence?


Recently Percy Seymour who is a scientist wrote a book called ‘The Scientific Proof of Astrology’. The argument he put forward was that the movement of the Sun, moon and sundry planets from Jupiter to Mars interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field. In doing so, the unborn offspring of pregnant mothers around the world are exposed to different magnetic fields when they are born.


Today, most Western astrologers tend to focus on general developments and trends, rather than forecasting actual events. They may use their skills to help and advise a person by giving an insight into a particular situation, the individual’s involved and the general direction in which the situation is heading. Personal birth charts give an insight into a person’s likely character traits and best possible matches both in career choice and relationships.


Although it has never been scientifically proven, it has been used and valued as an effective tool for guidance throughout many cultures and among millions of individuals for many thousands of years. Changes and new developments may well have occurred over time, as is the case with all things, but it is still as useful and reliable a source of information and insight as it was a thousand years ago.


You need to make extra time for your family and friends. Work is not everything! If you allow the inner nourishment of love flowing to you and through you, your soul will flower and blossom. Go out and have a picnic at the ocean or take a walk. Relax and center with what is truly important. Return with renewed energy to your projects.


Communication and connecting will present you with some bumps in the road. Be flexible and allow your pioneering nature to come forth. New visions and ideas shower down on you and you might not know where to begin. Speak from your idealism and be the role model you have signed up to be. Claim time to implement your vision and you will be very successful.


Dreams are important first steps to create the future you want. You have the power of intuition, imaginations and ideals. You know you are part of the bigger fabric of life. You can take first steps to manifest your dreams and reap financial rewards. Life is offering you opportunities to feel more secure and grounded.


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I have been advocating a holographic universe since the mid 90’s. This was before the main stream physicist had formalized any holographic theory regarding the universe. I published articles on the holographic universe in relation to astrological influences. I have undertaken many studies that have shown a strong correlation between the nature of astrological influences and life on earth and physical phenomena such as solar storms and earthquakes. In my early papers I related how the manifestations of the horoscopic influences could only be manifested in a holographic type universe. This is due to the nature of the holograms themselves. If we take a glass plate with a hologram on it and break it into a million pieces every signal piece, no matter how small has the entire original holographic image on it complete. This tell us that the universe at its base is very different from what we imagine it to be… Imagine the horoscope to be like the diffraction grating of a normal hologram. Of course the horoscope is just a simple schematic of what is actually happening. Now imagine that the moment of time that you were born in is like a “surface” upon which has been engraved the holographic diffraction grating of the moment which then projects that information to create the 3 dimensional space around you…Read more …





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