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Can Astrology Help Us Find Our Soul Mate? - Horoscope Yearly

Can Astrology Help Us Find Our Soul Mate?

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Can Astrology Help Us Find Our Soulmate?

Can Astrology Help Us Find Our Soul Mate?


Love is, for sure, the most desired and searched feeling since the beginning of time. If we take a look around us, we can clearly see that not all individuals have a happy love life and they are probably not holding hands with their soul mates. But here is interesting news that could give all these people hope: astrology experts claim they have found a certain method that could help us select our soul mate from the billions of people out there. How is this possible?


There are people that we have relationships with where tell ourselves that we’re in love and that we’ve met our soul mate because we’re thinking about that person all the time or tuning into their feelings when actually what we’re dealing with is a kind of addiction. You know that you’re dealing with addiction rather than real love when you feel that you simply couldn’t live without that other person and when the thought of being without them is too terrifying to even think about. That kind of love that actually knocks you off of your path, but it can also be the kind of love that teaches you something.

In contrast, past life relationships can be just as intense, but there is a particular kind of familiar feeling about them.  I’ve bumped into two people in this life that I know I’ve had previous past-life relationships with. When you meet someone that you had a past-life relationship with, you it often feels as if that person is your soul mate because you know them with a profound feeling of recognition, you understand each other, you have more of a bond when you’re separate from each other and you can kind of feel where they are.


Past life relationships can be confusing at best and hell at their worst. They are confusing because they can they often involve ecstasy and agony. There can be so much intensity between you. You might even share all sorts of spiritual experiences such as telepathy or seeing colors when you make love. But such relationships are usually plagued with  problems. It’s like you’re repeating the same relationship you might have had in ten lives with that person.  It’s obviously very potent and intense magic.  Even if you don’t see them for ten years you can feel this complete and utter bond, because in a way it’s a timeless bond.


Sometime, those relationships are not meant for this life, however, and it may be that your learning in this life is to let go of that so that you can find the right energy for you. It’s hard, because people find it very difficult to let go of that intoxicating experience, even though, in most cases, those kind of relationships will never work – it’s always ecstasy and agony and drama.


When you’re in that experience it’s very difficult for you to think that it’s not for you, because you’re determined to fit that square peg in that round hole, and make it work but it all comes back to your relationship with you.  If you are your best friend and you love you, you’re not going to let yourself go through that trauma all of the time. And ultimately it’s about actually believing that you are worthy of a relationship that is worthy of you – a relationship that nurtures you, a relationship that is equal. A relationship that doesn’t destroy your heart, and take away with your self-esteem.


The method starts from the premise that astrology is, in fact, quite similar to mathematics and other exact sciences. Basically, the “soul mate technique” is defined as a synastry, which has the role of establishing whether two people are or not perfect for each other. In order to establish this fact, the specialists take into consideration the birth charts of both individuals, especially focusing on the exact place of the planets at the time of the individuals’ birth. But the analysis of the planet’s exact position is not a light matter.


Specialists sustain that some planets have more relevancy than others when comparing the birth coordinates, and these planets are the Sun and the Moon. In addition, the planets that form our solar system are also relevant, together with the houses that they form. But besides the most important planets, there is another major aspect that is taken into consideration by astrologists and that is the person’s ascendant.


Not many of us understand the relevance of this ascendant and tend to give much more importance to our regular sign. But this ascendant actually represents the position of the rising run at the birth moment. Why is this ascendant relevant in establishing the connection we could have with a possible partner? simply because this ascendant is basically our image, the image we reflect to the world, the way we present ourselves and the way in which the other see us and perceive us.


We already established the fact that the ascendant is relevant. But how can we know if we have the right ascendant and if we fit with our partner? Basically, in case we share the same ascendant with our partner, there are high chances for a great intimate relationship. But this is not all. When discussing a potential soul mate connection between two people, specialist also take into consideration the position of the moon in the women’s chart and the position of the sun in the man’s chart: in case the sun is in the same sign as the moon is for the woman, then specialists claim that they are dealing with soul mates.


In contrast, and despite anything else that you might have heard anywhere else, soul mate relationships just tend to work.  When you meet soul mate, you get on, you may have a few struggles, but fundamentally you click. It’s a functioning relationship, and you have each others’ best interests at heart.


Not all soul mates are destined to be lovers, either.  If you have a friendship or you have a connection that’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, and pure and delightful, and you merge together, it could also be a soul mate connection.


Whether we believe or not in this astrological method and explanation, is our choice. And most probably, it is our reasonable choice. But when it comes to love matters and love-related expectations, some might try everything in order to achieve the desired love life and the desired partner. If we are looking at the facts from this perspective, we could say that there is nothing to loose in applying this astrological method to find our soul mate, as long as we don’t actually become the slaves of astrology or genuine fanatics.


So if you’re confused about whether the person you’re involved with or have your heart set on is a soul mate, a past life connection with some karma to work through or an outright addiction, just ask yourself:  Does this relationship bring me peace? Does it work?  Are we better people for being in it? Does it allow me to be my best me?  If the answer is yes, it could be a soul mate relationship.  If your answers are no, then it’s likely to be a past life connection and only you can make the decision to set yourself free.

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