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Characteristics Of A Pisces - Horoscope Yearly

Characteristics Of A Pisces

Horoscope Yearly

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Characteristics Of A PiscesCharacteristics Of A Pisces


You are methodical in what you do and make sure you do no work unless it is absolutely necessary. You are able to accept what life brings you and like changes, especially if they help the betterment of mankind.


Your sympathy knows no bounds and you know exactly how the other person feels. You see clearly what is wrong with the world and in your vivid imagination you have all sorts of plans to improve it. It is a pity that you seldom have the power to put them into action. When you do accomplish them a great service is rendered to the world, but more often than not you are a dreamer who is frustrated in your efforts.


Sometimes your spiritual retreats from the world result in beautiful creative work in music, poetry or painting. You love the unknown and the mysterious, but often it clashes with the urges in your basic character and you find it difficult to adjust yourself to life. You are very susceptible and any theory is likely to get a hold on you. Your understanding of these theories and your extraordinary perception may give you a feeling of isolation, even superiority.


Your moods vary from the highest to the lowest and you are inclined to more self-pity than is good for you. This could cause you to avoid any issue that crops up— you are able to give confidence to others and yet when it comes to facing facts yourself, chaos is often the result. You may deceive yourself as well as others. When faced with the truth you will never admit it and will find some sort of excuse. You may shirk responsibility and as a rule cannot stand alone, yet encouragement from others may completely restore your self-confidence.


YOUR HEALTH: Physically, you are not robust and do not recover quickly from illness. You often have natural good health and are best suited to an out-of-doors life. The more exercise you get the better, as long as it is not too strenuous. Frequently you look younger than you are and live to quite a fair age.


Pisceans generally have a slim and frail physique and make very good dancers. Often they have an ethereal look about them, almost elfin, with large dreamy eyes and fine hair. Their bones are small and they have lovely feet and hands. The eyes and feet are their weak points, and they are liable to many colds.


Moderation in every way should be your guiding principle and to stick to this rule you will have to take a firm grip on yourself. Most of your illnesses are the result of overindulgence, so watch your diet carefully. You are attracted to any form of physical stimulation and for this reason should not make liquor or sedatives a habit. As you are often quite headstrong you may not realize the dangers of this. Should you become a victim of habit you may not have the will power to fight back. You like to be pitied and love to regard yourself as the victim of circumstance.


Naturally this makes life difficult for yourself and others. You have an excellent chance of leading an even longer life and will look younger and feel younger than your years if you take care of yourself.


YOUR WORK: Your main aim in life is to help other people. You are naturally attracted to the needy and the sick and are best suited to teaching, nursing, catering, bookkeeping, accounting, entertaining or welfare work. You have a wealth of sympathy and understanding to offer; anything or anyone needing help draws you to them.


The work you finally select should provide you with the opportunity to exercise your strong power of insight into others problems. You are also suited to diplomatic work and any job requiring discretion and charm.


You have a “plastic” nature that can be molded into many shapes. You have leanings in many directions and as there are two sides to your character there are other types of work suitable for you. The stage, screen and radio are also fields that you might explore. Here your artistry and active imagination will come into play. You may be thoroughly at home with music, writing, poetry and plays, and any of the arts. You are successful because you have the ability to absorb and express the emotions of others. Your talents are varied and therefore you will probably be happy with variety in your work. If you have the right job your sensitive nature is fortified against the frustrations which you will meet.


You are not happy doing detailed work where much concentration is required. You still possess a good deal of determination when doing something your whole heart is in. Whenever hard work is required you are loyal, industrious and methodical. You have the knack of taking short cuts and surprise others by your time-saving methods of reaching your goal. You are good company and generally get on well with your fellow workers.


On the other hand, you may become lazy. Any discouragement you get can throw you into complete con-fusion and you will be thoroughly disorganized. There are times when you just cannot seem to think straight.


MONEY: Your sensitive feelings respond to the pleasures and comforts of the material things in life. Usually you do not want money just for the sake of having it, but fundamentally you set great stock on the security it brings. You are conscious of approaching old age and the danger of being dependent. Lack of funds is a great worry to you and hampers your progress. Through helping others you often become involved in their problems and you find yourself giving away or spending more than you should.


You will probably never have a great deal of money, and if you do it will probably be wheedled away from you by relatives or those who need help. It is difficult for you to refuse any request and you are therefore an easy target for those craving sympathy.


As you sometimes do not know what you want or why you want it, it is often difficult for you to set yourself a goal and work towards it. However, once you decided on a goal you can find the determination to pursue it. Some of you may have good luck where finance is concerned. You would be wise to put your money safely in real estate or something tangible, rather than investing where there is a gamble.


You have good business sense, but are not naturally equipped by nature to enter the competitive business world. You can be of great help to a business, but need as a partner someone who can battle for you.


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