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Children Born Under Aries

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Astrology Children Born Under AriesChildren Born Under Aries


Aries (The Ram) is called the “Prince of Celestial Signs”, and was considered the sign of first importance by many ancient nations and proponents of Astrology. In the zodiac of the ancient Hebrews, Aries was the sign of Gad. In the Chinese zodiac, Aries was known as “The White Sheep.”


Children born under this sign, that is between March 21st and April 19th, can be somewhat difficult to deal with, unless you have the understanding of their nature. That is reason, love, and kindness.


They do not easily take for granted an adults instructions, or requests without a reason and explanation for them. They can be stubborn and self-willed, and to discipline an Aries child the best method is a calm and reasoned talk, preferably at bedtime.


Corporal punishment is not the way with these children. It is wrong for several reasons. One is that, being very strong-willed, the amount of physical punishment required to bring them to your way of thinking if they believe you are wrong, would probably be unacceptable to even the most brutal parent. Another is that the mental conflict caused will likely traumatize them, and cause serious problems in adulthood.

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As love and understanding is the only real influence that can control the Aries child, naturally, love should guide the actions of those in charge of them. Reason, love, and understanding will pay huge dividends.


Mostly Aries youngsters are excellent students, having quick minds, retentive memories, and ambition. They can be a bit highly strung and impatient, and they tend to use up a lot of their energy in trying to do too many things at once. Therefore sleep is very important.


Aries children should always be allowed to work out any task or problem for themselves, only helping out if asked. In this way they will develop their individuality. They are restless and inquiring, always on to the next project.


Try not to interfere too much in their various interests, this will just cause them to give it up as they will see you as trying to take over, and they will let you get on with it. Having no further interest themselves.


This can often lead to them leaving home before they normally would, and before they are really mature enough to do so, but still at an age where it is legal for them to do so. In these instances it is not uncommon for Aries youngsters to fall in with the wrong crowd, getting into a life of crime. Or they will often rush into a hasty early marriage with no thought to the consequences.


They usually soon realize the error of their ways, but their ingrained Aries stubbornness will cause them to carry on with their plans regardless. As Mars is their ruling planet they love an argument, even a fight, and they will never admit to being in the wrong.


If you are the parent of a young Aries child just bear the above in mind. Many a parent of children of this sign has spoiled them by being dogmatic and trying to rule them with force, as opposed to reason.


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