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Chinese Horoscope Compatibility


Astrology is gaining importance in the life of the modern people as they have started developing faith in the predictions that are made in the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes published in the newspapers and magazines. The predictions which are available through the media is based on the western astrological calculations which follows the Greek method of calculating the position of the celestial bodies, the moon and the sun in relation to the zodiac sign.


But these generalized predictions can be used only as a guide as the calculations are not based on personal data so it cannot provide the entire future predictions of an individual. People who had developed the habit of reading these predictions were not totally satisfied because most of the time the predictions did not match with their actual lifestyle or personality. So they started searching for other types of astrological calculations which would give them more realistic information through the horoscopes that are published daily, weekly or monthly.


This search turned their attention towards the eastern method of making horoscopes according to the astrological calculations. The most ancient style of making horoscopes was found in the Chinese astrological system. The Chinese horoscopes not only predicted about the future but also had the system of providing information about the compatibility and incompatibility status of one zodiac sign with the other zodiac signs. This proved to be helpful for most of the people as they could easily formulate strategies for actions to overcome all the odds in daily life.


A person who wants to know about this compatibility and incompatibility with other zodiac signs can easily get the Chinese horoscope compatibility which will provide him the necessary information along with the method of calculating by himself the zodiac signs that are compatible with his zodiac sign and those zodiac signs that are totally opposite to his zodiac signs. This particular facility can be availed due to the internet where he can easily open the site which has the Chinese horoscope compatibility system and calculate his compatibility status.


In Chinese astrology the zodiac signs are represented by animals like rat, ox, tiger, horse, Dragon, snake, dog, sheep, rooster, rabbit, goat and pig. There are many myths and legends about the selection of the animals for the zodiac signs and the order in which they are placed in the zodiac cycle. According to the Chinese zodiac cycle the rat occupies first place in the zodiac cycle followed by the ox, the Dragon and so on. The Chinese horoscope that is prepared for compatibility also takes into consideration the five elements like water, wood, fire, earth and metal.


The Chinese compatibility horoscope also predicts that people who are born six years before or after a particular zodiac sign are less compatible than the people who are born four years before or after the zodiac sign that the person has. This is because the characters of a person is influenced by the year in which he is born.


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