Current Happenings In Astronomy

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Current Happenings In Astronomy

Is It Just A Important Thing?


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Astronomy has been with the human race as long as we can remember. In the beginning it was very connected to astrology, but as time went by astronomy became more and more scientific, relying on observation, measurement and the scientific theory to develop a knowledge of the universe outside our own planet and solar system. Astronomy is something too many people ignore, but those who keep their eyes on current happenings in astronomy find a wealth of interesting information.


NASA dropped a bomb shell, nearly literally on Australia in late 2008 when a fourteen hundred pound tank of Ammonia was dumped off a space station. Because it was too volatile to be carried on a re-entry craft, it was simply thrown into orbit. Since most of the Earth is water, the chances were much greater the chunks would land in the ocean than on land. Although possible Ammonia residue would likely wash a lot of windows, this isn’t recommended as a mass cleaning method. Paul Hogan, the famous actor who played Crocodile Dundee, was unharmed. Unfortunately, according to the Daily Mail in the UK, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, remained deceased after this incident.


New line China, September 2008, a 3rd manned space mission launches. It will include the first space walk for Chinese astronauts. Youtube video showed the festivities before the launch took place. It wasn’t a hoax. China simply thought the event so important that they carefully staged a video log as public relations.


Also from China, a huge telescope has been commissioned for construction near Beijing, site of the 2008 summer Olympics. The whole telescope doesn’t rotate to track through the sky. Instead that’s left up to a pair of rotating mirrors. The resulting look is something of a curiosity. It’s not a dome but rather something like a an uneven arch or pi symbol. Leave it to the Chinese to come up with something out of the ordinary.


A new satellite launched, from Kazakhstan, in November 2008. It’s a communications satellite called Astra-1M. It was launched on a carrier called Proton-M. European engineers created the satellite.


Worldwide Telescope is a fantastic astronomy software. The software comes from Microsoft. It communicates with computers all over the world to bring amazing space images right to the desktop. It’s a computer observatory, basically. Don’t expect any new discoveries, because this is all pre-existing data.


Now you know some of the current happenings in astronomy.


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What would constitute useful history? That which should teach us our duties and our rights, without appearing to teach them. ~Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary


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