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Feng Shui Astrology For Lovers

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Feng Shui Astrology For Lovers

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility: Pig and Rooster


Very Good
The Rooster has a very sensitive side and the Pig is able to connect with this side of Rooster. The bubbly Pig likes the company of Rooster and provides a friendly ear for the Rooster to nag about the things in life. Both partners also understand each other’s need for independence and there is potential for this partnership to work because of the mutual support and understanding.


Pig Personality
Pigs are very peaceful, caring, tolerant individuals who live life to the fullest. If they don’t have anything interesting to do Pigs will immerse themselves in household chores and do it to perfection. Pigs are very peace loving individuals and they will do anything for the sake of family and friends.


Pigs are big time money spenders. They love good food, clothes, jewelry and stylish homes. They will do good in any profession that demands creativity. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to taking on responsibility and will also jump in to give a helping hand to colleagues.


Pigs are very strong companions. They make very warm and caring lovers but back off when their partner gets too opinionated. Pigs are very warm individuals but they may come across as reserved in public. Pigs have a great thirst for knowledge. Because of this nature they make never become easily bored with life.


Rooster Personality
The Roosters are a very proud, decisive and intelligent people. They are very brave and confident at work, very definite in decision-making and hard-working people.


Roosters like to be surrounded by people. They enjoy spotlight and exhibit charisma. They expect you to listen to them when they speak and they do have a tendency to brag about their achievements.


Roosters make their carriers a priority in their lives. They are generally successful individuals and move up to the top in an organization.


In love Roosters are emotional and possessive characters. They can either make good partners or not be successful in their marriage.


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