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Free Chinese Astrology Charts - Horoscope Yearly

Free Chinese Astrology Charts

Horoscope Yearly

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Free Chinese Astrology Charts ~ Your Date of Birth Holds the Key to your FutureFree Chinese Astrology Charts

Your Date of Birth Holds the Key to your Future


The Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny is a system of Chinese astrology that can foretell a person’s destiny from cradle to grave. This amazingly accurate system make use of a person’s date and time of birth to chart a set of eight characters comprising of four heavenly stems and four earthly branches (which equals eight characters). These eight characters are known in Chinese as Ba Zi.


The year, month, date and hour of a person’s birth are expressed as a set comprising of a heavenly stem on top and an earthly branch at the bottom which result in four columns of two characters each. This is how the Four Pillars of Destiny (also commonly referred to as the natal chart) are derived.


By analyzing your Four Pillars, an experienced and skilled practitioner will know your strength and weaknesses, your characteristic traits, your talents, your desires, your career, your relationship, your health, your fortune etc.


Your Four Pillars can also reveal future events that will take place along your life path. By knowing what and when an event will happen, you can then be forewarned in order to be forearmed. Whether an event will turn out to be auspicious or inauspicious, is partly dependent on how prepared you are for it and what proactive measures you can take to tweak the outcome in your favor.


Timing adds an important facet in the analysis of a person’s Four Pillars without which the predictive value of fortune telling is lost on the person.


To determine your luck cycle or life path, the Four Pillars are read in conjunction with an additional set of pillars known as the luck pillars, each of which represents a decade in your life. They are known as Decade Luck Pillars. The Four Pillars are like forerunners of our destiny and the luck pillars are like guideposts in the journey of our lives.

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