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Horoscopes and tips of a Celebrity Astrologer - Horoscope Yearly

Horoscopes and tips of a Celebrity Astrologer

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Horoscopes and tips of a Celebrity Astrologer


Hi this Aura, my professional Astrology Readings have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, In Touch Magazine and others, I’ve also worked with literally thousands of people, from CEO’s at Yahoo to housewives. And one of the most common questions that astrologers get is, How can astrology help me understand my soul mate, or find my soul mate? And the truth is, there are certain transits, certain planets that will give you times when you can meet a soul mate. And when those are not taking place, you won’t meet someone that you could really fall in love with and have a lasting relationship with. And when they are, you can. And they happen all the time. They come and go. Everybody gets them in their lifetime.


What we look for are specific aspects made by Venus of course the planet of love, Neptune which is a planet of romance and longevity and affluence, prosperity in a relationship, Chiron which is really the planet that signals soul mates. It’s actually an asteroid, not a planet. Mars also gives us the sex and the chemistry. There are a number of planets that we look for, but those are the top ones. And there’s a few other.


Pluto can help us to find success with someone there, and Uranus can make us popular and friendly and have a lot of friends, and Jupiter can make our life with somebody very we have a lot of wisdom and beneficence, be very kind and giving to one another.


These are all things that we look for when we are looking at two charts or looking at the timing of meeting someone. So astrology can really tell you when it’s a good idea to go look for someone. So don’t go join that match making service during a bad time, because you won’t meet someone. If you joined during a good time, you will. And that’s one of the great things that astrology can give to you.


We have reports that will tell you if you’re in that cycle or not. So when you are in that cycle, you can meet someone special and fall in love.



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